Summer Yoga Retreat 2024

Journey of the Soul – Miraculous Entanglement

Monday 1st July – Sunday 7th July 2024
Peak District

Life is a mysterious schooling system of evolution and growth, with each experience bringing us closer to the essential secret of life – its opportunities to learn. It is only when we step back that we can see the bigger picture, realise the interconnectivity and guiding wisdom that is always present even when life seems the most surprising, challenging or even chaotic. 

Understanding the governing principles of creation and playing the game of life consciously comes with key attitudes that allow us to unlock the understanding of the lesson in each moment, and to bring forth the beauty of our soul, so that we can make our unique contribution to this world.  

Join this retreat to connect to your inner compass and your living soul, that will guide your steps on the path of your life, and turn both victories and failures into valuable and enriching lessons. 

Explore the nature of your soul through in-depth yogic and Tantric methods such as meditation and asana-s. Come for insightful workshops and talks, interactive exercises and beautiful social evenings.  

This retreat aims to nourish your soul and offer the tools you need for the adventure of life to become truly sublime. 

The frame of this retreat will be the journey of the soul through different stages
– from childhood to old age:

Creativity and the inner child 

The sublime adventure of life and the game of polarity 

The meaning of life and assimilating fundamental life lessons 

Values and principles as a way of aligning ones life 

Death conclusions and transcendence  

Why Miraculous Entanglement?

As life unfolds it passes through different stages – the different phases that we all pass through in a regular lifetime. We can consider the stages of life from the perspective of four distinct phases: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Each with their specific characteristics, interests and accomplishments. 
But there is a greater degree of nuance to the life cycle of a human. We are all unique individuals that feel, think, and experience different things as we grow in years and in wisdom. And even though each stage of life comes with particular lessons, we do not always learn these lessons in a linear way. 
A dramatic shift in lifestyle often characterises the transition to a different stage of life. Such changes could include moving out of home, graduating, having children, or retiring. Each stage of life typically comes with challenges, and even crises that help us to gain qualities and to grow as human beings. 
The stages are not only characterised by outer circumstances, but rather they define an inner process – the lessons and experiences our soul needs to pass through in our lifetime. These lessons may or may not unfold in a linear fashion – sometimes we only learn the lessons specific to adolescence later in life. Each stage holds keys for the following stages – and when we stop and notice we can see the many choices, special moments and synchronicities that lead us to this specific stage with its specific lessons and gifts. The past points to the future, and our present is embedded as an unfolding path in our past. 
On this journey of self-discovery, we are never alone. We move through existence together, mysteriously entangled and playing crucial roles in each other’s learning and growth. 
While life might seem linear and organised, Einstein said that the process of entanglement is a “spooky action at a distance”, showing that particles interconnect beyond the speed of light, and that the space-time continuum is a flexible canvas of creation. A canvas we are all a part of, our destinies intertwined with each other, in the unfolding of our existence. 

Shifting the perspective on our life experiences we can start to navigate them in a conscious way, fully benefitting from the gifts they offer us. Not only do we start to evolve faster, but we also start to fulfil our potential, unfold our dreams and discover greater happiness and meaning in our lives.  

Why join the Summer Yoga Retreat?

The Summer Yoga Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for us to all to be together, learn and evolve together in a warm, friendly, nature filled ambiance. 

Outside the big cities, in the nourishing green just south of the Peak District, we can leave behind the stressors of daily life and offer ourselves a whole week of spiritual nourishment and soul awakening. 

We have been holding our annual Summer Yoga Retreat in the UK since 2005, and each year it offers many revelations to those who participate. Our teachers all have 10-20 years of experience as practitioners and teachers in Yoga and Tantra, and so will guide you with expertise throughout the retreat.

We will practise yoga together, meditate, eat, laugh, dance and participate in valuable workshops, seminars and experiences to quench our spiritual existence. 

Hear from our previous participants about their personal growth and spiritual insights while on the Summer Yoga Retreat below!

Testimonials from past Summer Yoga Retreats

The retreat made me get in touch, experience and feel part of the wonderful divine world we live in and sharing this time with so many beautiful souls made it even more special.
Tantra student
Organisers have done magnificent job, everything was thought through. They made magical week for us. Teachings were very insightful and profound. Together with evening programs were one of the best part, something that made impact on me beyond the retreat!
Tantra student, London
“The teachings I eagerly received and the Souls I was granted to meet, have brought me precious insights. They deeply inspired me to continuously practice “The Art of Living from the Soul”. I dare say that now, 11 months after last year’s Summer Retreat, I still follow my intention we were invited to set at the closure of a wonderful week. I can also lucidly recall to this day to have promised to keep my sparkle alive ✨🫧 And although life hasn’t been a continuous party in the past year at all, both my intention & promise are still alive! Such a blessing!”
Ilse Minnebach
Loved it. Every moment. It broke down my walls and allowed me to grow in to the space created. It has changed my outlook on life and I am truly grateful for being part of this!
Tantra practitioner
It was a wonderful retreat. I was deeply touched by its beauty – the care, generosity, openness, optimism, love, joy, wisdom …. shared by the teachers, team and participants. The week was truly Heaven on Earth. Thank you very much!
Tantra practitioner
Beautiful retreat place and not too far from London. Best food ever, I could stay there forever! I’m blissfully happy! It was amazing. Thanks so much for everything.
Tantra student
What a heart-opening, mind-balancing, loving and awakening retreat it was. Beautiful people in beautiful place with same intentions to become free, open and loving beings. Thank you everyone for extraordinary experiences!

Read many more testimonials here!
“What a heart-opening, mind-balancing, loving and awakening retreat it was!” – Emily

“I felt so nourished to be together with such a loving community and experiencing and going deeper into the yogic teachings” – Rhiannon

“I felt at home from the very first minute I arrived at the retreat. The atmosphere was heartfelt throughout, and the ritual at the end was an absolute beautiful cherry on top as it crystallised and exemplified clear insight for me.  
An absolute delight! An amazing grace!” – lse Minnebach 

“Each day was beautifully constructed to allow opportunities for development and integration. I liked the freedom given to participants “to be,” but also the structure created to explore different topics beautifully. 
Thank you for being the school to teach me how to love again. I have had the chance to open doors that I did not even know were closed, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”
– Natalie Dalis 
“The retreat provided me the space to be creative and connect with my inner child. It helped me go deeper into what happiness is for me and explore the desires of my soul. A safe place to laugh, cry, and dance freely.” – Melanie Knight 
“I enjoyed experiencing all the love, care, food, beauty, flowers, the community created, music, teachings, and the creative art workshops, which were very transformative. The most special was the Angel Walk.”  – Richa Muktlia  
“The retreat had a genuinely authentic, friendly, loving, warm atmosphere, which created a very powerful, revealing, transformative experience, and it is hard to express it into words without diminishing its value.” – Fabiana  
“I experienced a sense of community and the creation of a heart-filled space in which to explore our spiritual journey. I appreciated the beauty and creativity of exercises in which I had a breakthrough that all I need is ‘to be’. It was perfect in every way. I will come back!” – Helen 
“I liked the variety of workshops with different themes each day. I enjoyed the hugs, the sharing, the dancing, the yoga, the meditation, the pool, the hot tub, and being in connection with people. The ritual was mind-blowing, as was the painting and poem writing.” –  Joe 
“I particularly appreciated and really enjoyed the meditations, as they really made me contemplate, and the music to support the activities was transcendental.” – Trisha 
“The place is wonderful, and the karma yogis worked very hard to make it special. I love the spontaneity. I particularly appreciated the Angel walk and dancing.” – Cosmin Maris 

Get a taste from our previous retreat

The retreat programme includes:


Homemade healthy vegan food

Time in nature



Playful activities




Yoga in pairs

Joyful time together

Meaningful exercises

Meet your teachers

All of our teachers have been Yoga and Tantra practitioners for over 10-20 years, and have been teaching in a wide variety of courses, events and retreats, which is reflected in their depth of knowledge and understanding.

Each teacher is wholly dedicated both to their own practice and to their role in helping their students to understand and apply the teachings of Yoga and Tantra.

Get your ticket for our Summer Retreat

Super early bird (until 3rd February)£600 (sold out)£450 (sold out)
Early bird (until 30th April)£700 (sold out) £550 (sold out) 
Group discount (until 9th June)£40 off each for group of 3
£65 off each for group of 5
£40 off each for group of 3
£65 off each for group of 5
Full price£800 £650
Deposit£100 (non-refundable) £100 (non-refundable) 
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Options for payments in instalments available at early bird or full price. 

All instalment payments are non-refundable and need to be completed by 1st May, however, the payments are transferable to another retreat. 

The deposit is non-refundable. 

If you have any questions regarding booking, email us at

About the Venue

Hamps Hall and Barn, Peak District National Park

The event will take place in the picturesque countryside of Peak District National Park, at the beautiful Hamps Hall and Barn. With stunning landscapes, beautiful garden, hot tubs and gorgeous reception halls, Hamps creates perfect conditions for our magical retreat.

The address is Hamps Hall and Barn, Rocester Lane, Waterhouses, ST10 3JG.

You can come by car, or public transportation to the local train station, Stoke-on-Trent, and we will pick you up (detailed transportation information will be provided when you register).

Click here to see the venue in detail!

Accommodation Options


Within Hamps Hall and Barn are many beautiful bedrooms. We aim to keep our retreat as cost friendly as possible, so accommodation is based on sharing with 2-4 people in each room. You can request room mates if you wish and we will do our best to accommodate.

Some rooms come with an en suite, and there are also plenty of shared bathrooms.


The large grounds are the perfect place for camping in the summertime! Spots are available closer to the mansion, or more tucked away in other parts of the grounds.

Bring your own tent and camping equipment. Indoor shower and toilet facilities will be provided.

Come early to choose your spot!


Our healthy delicious food will be totally vegan/vegetarian and refined sugar free, as well as being gluten free as much as possible. It is homemade with love by a wonderful team of karma yogis.

Teas and light snacks will also be available throughout the day.

– Please note we cannot cater for special diets but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.