Angels Group

‘You were born with wings – why prefer to crawl through life?’ – Rumi

This group is dedicated to deepening the communion with Angels, Archangels and other Angelic beings of light.

The Angels Group meets regularly to deepen our connection, communion and relationship with Angels, Archangels and other Angelic beings of light. We explore together how a close relationship with Angels can enrich us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, helping us to overcome challenges, facilitating a profound inner transformation and inspiring us to fulfil our mission on earth.

Angels teach us and help us to orientate our soul, mind, energies and our entire being permanently towards God.

We use theoretical and practical methods to deepen our communion with Angels, including spiritual techniques, meditation, group sharing and discussion, movies, presentations and spiritual games. Every year in the autumn we are actively involved in Angels and Archangels Week – a week of wonderful activities to open our hearts and connect to Angels, Archangels and to the Supreme Absolute Consciousness..

Meeting Times

Every 3 weeks on Sundays 3.30-6.30pm
Location: London Old Street

Open to all. Contact for more information or to join the group.