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Only £40

This amazing offer gives you a Pass to both our courses where available for FOUR consecutive weeks. Try our Yoga and Tantra courses, plus Vira (men’s) and Shakti (women’s) groups, across four locations in the UK.


Yoga, Tantra, Vira and Shakti Groups




Yoga, Tantra, Vira and Shakti Groups



This offer has no strings attached, and you can choose from the courses to find which course or courses suit you best. Even if you are only interested in one course, Try Tara is the cheapest way to try that course for the first month. You will also receive discounted members’ prices if you buy workshops or events during these four weeks!

You can join with the Try Tara Pass before our courses close to newcomers in March 2023. The pass will activate when you attend your first class, but come along as soon as you can from the start of the courses, so you get the most out of them!

Courses included in the Try Tara Pass

  • Yoga

    More than just a normal yoga class, this course is for thorough and deep exploration of the roots of what Yoga truly is…

    It is an invitation to realise the true essence of Who we are – the transformation that happens when we discover all the gifts and qualities that usually lie hidden beyond our awareness.

    Yoga is a wealth of knowledge and techniques that can become a way of living – bringing harmony and peace on each level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    It provides shifts in perspective on yourself and on the universe around you, bringing inspiration to discover and live your highest potential – to thrive!

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  • Tantra

    Tantra is the path of realising the Truth through the heart, which is then consciously opened to everyone and everything.

    It is an invitation to awaken now, and to live life in full awareness, to enjoy its amazing intensity, and to experience ecstatic happiness and freedom in the midst of daily life.

    Tantra is a path suited to those who wish to live a full and meaningful life, to realise their highest potential, and to celebrate the ‘here and now’.

    Tantra embraces all aspects of life consciously and courageously, with the tools and wisdom to realise that life, whether it seems to be ‘pleasant’ or ‘unpleasant’, is our greatest teacher and ally.

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  • Shakti Group

    Fully awakening as a woman means to remember the inherent perfection of your femininity, to recognise your essential nature as pure bliss, and to see through all the masks and distortions of the ego that prevent your light from shining.

    Freedom from fears and limitations characterises an awakened woman – a woman who is confident in her qualities, who is playful and spontaneous and a ceaseless inspiration to those around her.

    Shakti means ‘sacred force’, ‘power’ or ‘energy’ in Sanskrit. It is the force through which the entire Creation was born and is maintained. We invite you on a journey of discovering this mysterious sacred force that you are. Understand the play of energies both within your own being and in the world around you, for more intensity and transformation, and for bringing greater fulfilment and happiness into your life.

    Linking ancient Eastern knowledge with the needs of women today, this group will help in awakening your femininity, enabling you to live to your full potential, and to experience the wonder of being a woman.

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  • Vira Group

    In Sanskrit, Vira, means “man” or “hero” and it refers to one who has awakened the traits of a spiritual hero within his being, who no longer compromises on the path of his spiritual growth. Each man has this potential inside, but true heroes and exemplary role models are hard to find; masculinity is in crisis.

    Life will always rise to test us and the Vira Group trains men to truly overcome these tests, to rise to meet fears and challenges in a conscious and courageous, yet loving way.

    The purpose of the Vira Group is to work towards truly awakening your masculine soul; learning to remain centred, relaxed and loving in the face of ever greater intensity and beauty in life, to live a more vivid and inspiring life and make conscious life-choices which you can then follow through with all of your being.

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Why get the Try Tara Pass?

  • Great value: You can attend a class in London every day of the week for four consecutive weeks.* Even if you are only interested in one course, Try Tara is the cheapest way to try that course for the first month.
  • Not sure which courses are for you? Give them all a try to see which resonates best with you!
  • Get to know different teachers.
  • No commitment: you can try a course just once if you want without feeling you have to continue. But we recommend attending for at least two weeks before making a decision.
  • Highly experienced teachers: All our teachers have a minimum of 7 years’ training and experience, which is reflected in their depth of knowledge and understanding.
  • Join a large community of like-hearted people with similar aspirations.

*Classes are held daily in our London Centre – for our other locations see the calendar below.

How it works


Buy the pass on this page for just £40


Find the classes you wish to attend on the Class Schedule and register


Attend your class


Continue to attend as many classes as you want for four weeks (starting from the first day you attend a class)


The pass does not auto-renew. You choose which course(s) you wish to continue after the first four weeks

If you would like to continue after the Try Tara Pass finishes…

for one course (Yoga, Tantra)
Yoga and Tantra combined
The Vira and Shakti groups
for one course (Yoga, Tantra)
Yoga and Tantra combined
The Vira and Shakti groups
for the Tantra course
for the Yoga course

Practical details

Who is the Pass for?
This offer is for new students ONLY – meaning you are not currently enrolled in any of our courses, and have not been previously. If you are a current student and interested in trying new classes – please contact us so we can arrange it for you. Current students (in year 2 and above) can try a course they have not attended before for free, for four weeks.
How many classes can I join?
You can join as many classes as you like and are available for four consecutive weeks starting from the first class you attend. See the class schedule to see when the classes are on and which you can attend.
Can I join the classes in more than one location?
Yes, you can join the available classes in any of our locations in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester.
If I buy the Pass now, do I have to start using it straight away?
No, the four week period starts the day you attend your first class. So you can buy the Pass now, and start the four week period whenever it is most convenient for you. However, we recommend that you start the courses when they begin, or as close to the beginning as possible so that you don’t miss any valuable, foundational information of the courses.
When do the courses start?
Our courses open the week commencing 3rd October 2022 in London, Oxford and Cambridge and in Manchester from 17th October. If you buy your Pass before the courses begin, it will be activated when you attend your first class. Courses remain open for a few weeks after the start date – but join as soon as you can!
Aside from access to all classes, what else can I benefit from with the Pass?
You will also be eligible for members discounts on certain workshops and events that you buy while your pass is active.
Can I join a higher level of class instead of Year 1?
The Try Tara Pass allows access to Year 1 classes only. It does not include access to classes in Year 2 or higher.
I bought a Try Tara Pass before, but would like to try again, is it possible?
Our Try Tara Pass is a special opportunity for people who are new to Tara to get a taste of all that we have to offer. It is not possible to buy the Pass again in the future. If you are already a student at Tara and would like to try new classes – contact us so we can arrange it for you.
I’m only interested in one of the courses. Is there any point in me buying the Try Tara Pass?
Even if you are only interested in one course, Try Tara is the cheapest way to try either the Yoga or Tantra courses for the first month.

Courses timetable

courses timetable

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