I discovered yoga at a very early age and since then I incorporated the principles of yoga into my daily life. Yoga helped me to become more centered and more balanced, and I have been in a constant process of learning and inner transformation. I recently decided to share my experience with others by becoming a yoga teacher and a shakti group coordinator.

Contact: nottingham@tarayogacentre.co.uk

Luminita started her yoga journey 23 years ago with a passion to understand how to achieve “perfection” in hatha yoga, transforming, balancing and harmonising her entire being. During these past 11 years of teaching yoga, she has understood deeper and deeper how we are much more than our physical selves, and that there is still much to discover.  

She practices yoga based on the quote “One gram of practice is worth tons of theory”. This has showed her the way to connect with her Self, the Universe and to love everything: herself, you, now and forever. 

Contact: lumi@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Ioana Moldovan’s journey with yoga began more than a decade ago, when she was seeking to add meaning to her life. Embracing the spiritual path as a way of living, she realised that life is a process of continuous transformation, and that balance is an important key to having a happy, fulfilling life. Having this perspective, her spiritual journey changed in a profound way and now she wishes to share her experience and knowledge with anyone who wishes to discover the depth of life. 

Silvia discovered the path of Yoga from a very early age, being in a yogi family. Later on, Tantra added even more richness and purpose to her life. Feeling the wonderful effects of growing up in such a spiritual ambiance, she finds a lot of happiness in sharing all this as a yoga teacher. Combining the spiritual teachings with her artistic nature as a dancer, she also started helping women to awaken their amazing potential, reconnecting them to their sensual, pure, loving nature. Full of life and enthusiasm, Silvia radiates warmth and confidence together with a good practical sense and vivid intelligence. 


Nikos started his spiritual journey by joining the path of Tantra Yoga with Tara 22 years ago. With an open and warm heart, he loves teaching yoga (since 2004) and Kashmir Shaivism (since 2017) at Tara, which he has done for the last 18 years. He also coordinates the spiritual group for men Mahavira Ananda. In his free time, he enjoys walks in nature, photography, and listening to music. 

Contact: nikos@tarayogacentre.co.uk  

Magdalena’s Tantric journey began in India in 2001 and since then she has discovered a life full of transformation and personal growth. Intrigued by mysticism, sacred eroticism, and the wisdom of the heart, she aspires to share her love and passion for life in the classes and workshops she teaches. She also holds Tantra groups and workshops for women, where she inspires women to discover their profound, mysterious and powerful feminine nature. 

Contact: magdalena@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Josianne has been fascinated by the mysterious nature of life and its occult mysteries since her teenage years. After initially practising yoga from a book she found whilst living in South East Asia in 1997, she quickly realised that the effects of the practice were much more than those found only on the physical body. In 1999 she travelled to India to find a yoga teacher to gain a deeper understanding of her experiences and learn what Yoga really is. 

Since then, she has dedicated herself to the study and practice of Yoga, Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism, aiming to incorporate these teachings into her daily life. Josianne has taught yoga since 2009 as a way to share these profound teachings and support others on their own journey. 

Contact: josianne@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Iulia discovered yoga relatively early in life which comes across in the strong sense of spiritual purpose, positive attitude and joyfulness she radiates. Since that beginning in 1993 she has travelled extensively while maintaining a rigorous practice of Yoga and Meditation, enjoying and demonstrating the benefits of such a practice for women everywhere. She is overjoyed to now call Oxford home and is doing her bit to warm the hearts of academics from all over the world, teaching yoga there. 

Contact: iulia@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Gianfranco discovered yoga and tantra in 2008 whilst an Architecture student in Italy.  Noticing the profoundly beneficial effects on his everyday life, he has continued to practise with enthusiasm and passion. 

With the belief that you must share that which you love, especially if it helps others to grow, he thus became a yoga teacher, keen to help others discover this unique path of evolution. He has been teaching yoga classes at Tara since 2017. 

Francis had a life transforming journey to India, where he started practising yoga and tantra in the year 2000. He has been teaching yoga since 2013 in different countries around Europe. He has special interest in spiritual healing, and the connection between body, mind and spirit. 

Contact: francis@tarayogacentre.co.uk