Student community movie night

14 November 2021

As we continue to grow our spiritual community, over 50 students and teachers of Tara came together for a spiritual movie night. The evening started off with tea and cake, followed by a very topical movie for our current times. Though the movie was released nearly 20 years ago it was very relevant to today’s world. Our Yoga and Tantra teacher, Foca Yariv, gave a commentary before the movie. The whole point of watching a spiritual movie is not to see a new movie but to see a movie from perhaps a new perspective.

While many students said they had seen the movie before, most felt like they watched it really for the first time on Saturday. There can be many valuable lessons and realisations from even mainstream movies when we watch them with a “spiritual eye”. So rather than being a break from spiritual practice, watching a movie very consciously can be a spiritual practice in itself.

And of course, people always feel very nourished and fulfilled when they come together and share such an uplifting experience. Discussion about the movie and its meaning carried on well after the film had finished – which was good because we managed to finish all the cake and hot chocolate! But on a serious note, it demonstrates the need we all have for deep and meaningful spiritual conversations on a regular basis. The film night was a follow up from our spiritual community party students organised back in October.

If you missed the movie night, don’t worry. We have more student community events coming. Check out the event listings for the upcoming “swap shop” and human library in January.

I never saw the movie before and it was so interesting. The introduction from Foca really helped. Its amazing how well it fits with what is happening in the world right now.


I saw the film for the first time nearly 20 years ago. But today was the first time I really saw it. There was so many symbols, hidden meanings and spirual lessons I missed the first time. Watching it in a more conscious way, having learned so many things in the Tantra course, I got much more from the film this time.

Foca giving his commentary before the film

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