Spiritual guidance series

Six-part series exploring the nature and importance of spiritual guidance

In the West, spiritual guidance is not something we have a natural inclination towards. Such a concept is often misunderstood, misrepresented and even maligned. However, for those who wish to walk a genuine spiritual path, spiritual guidance is of critical importance – and even a condition for success. For this reason, we have put together a six-part series to explore this contentious topic of spiritual guidance, to help illustrate what it actually is and why we need it. The series will take various forms from articles to movies to events, with new parts published each week. It begins on Friday the 21st of January 2022. Check back weekly for the next part in the series. Enjoy the journey!

The Six Part Series to Spiritual Guidance

Introduction to Spiritual Guidance

Article publish date: 21/01/22

In this introductory article, Maria Porsfelt outlines the nature of spiritual guidance and the importance of a spiritual guide on the path. Using intuitive examples, this introduction makes this otherwise tricky concept easy to relate to, and understandable for anyone on the spiritual path. Having followed the guidance of her own guide for many years, Maria is very well placed to introduce this concept to both new and experienced practitioners.

Inspiring guide-disciple relationships

Article publish date: 28/01/22

As with most things in life, when we encounter something new or unfamiliar, it can help very much to have examples to relate to. So in this second part of the series we explore two famous guide-disciple relationships. Looking at these we can start to intuitively grasp the nature of a guide-disciple relationship, the attitude and approach needed, the benefits of guidance and much more

A Master from Gupta Mahasiddha Lineage

Article publish date: 05/02/22

A true lineage constitutes a passing on of specific teachings and more importantly, it means initiation, a bestowing of godly grace. Tara is part of the Gupta Mahasiddha lineage. This article profiles a master from the Mahasiddha lineage, not only a master who guided many aspirants on the path and helped maintain the transfer of spiritual knowledge and awakening from one generation to the next, but also an example of a disciple, of devotion and aspiration.

A Living Master

Article publish date: Coming soon

Here we will profile a living master, the founder of this spiritual school – Gregorian Bivolaru, or Grieg as he is known. Grieg is a good example of someone selflessly dedicated to helping others and providing uncompromising guidance on the spiritual path. He is of particular relevance for those who wish to follow a Tantric path in this life. 

Movie night

Format: Event

When: 26/02/2022

In this part of the series we will watch a movie together in person in the London Centre, about the guide-disciple relationship. There will be an introduction to the movie, the movie itself, followed by a Q & A. This is an opportunity to relate to the concept of guidance in a different way, and to engage with others in a meaningful discussion.

Spiritual Guidance satsang

Format: Event

When: 05/03/2022

This will be a relaxed talk in our London Centre, a discussion between teachers and students in a circle format. It will not so much be a presentation by teachers but rather a chance for students to raise any questions they have, and to get insights from teachers about how they personally approach a relationship with a spiritual guide, the benefits they have seen, the challenges they faced and anything else students find relevant or interesting to this topic.