Vira Group

A group for men on the spiritual path

A man’s character is forged through his successful actions

In Sanskrit, Vira, means “man” or “hero” and it refers to one who has awakened the traits of a spiritual hero within his being, who no longer compromises on the path of his spiritual growth. Each man has this potential inside, but true heroes and exemplary role models are hard to find; masculinity is in crisis.

Life will always rise to test us and the Vira Group trains men to truly overcome these tests, to rise to meet fears and challenges in a conscious and courageous, yet loving way.

The purpose of the Vira Group is to work towards truly awakening your masculine soul; learning to remain centred, relaxed and loving in the face of ever greater intensity and

challenges in life (Shakti), to appreciate beauty, to live a more vivid and inspiring life, and make conscious life-choices which you can then follow through with all of your being.

The group will make use of Tantric methodology. Tantra emphasises the importance of the game of polarity – the interaction between the masculine and feminine energy. Much emphasis will be placed on understanding this polar interaction, or the game of these energies both within the being, and in the interaction with life. Engaging your energies – your emotions, thoughts and attitudes correctly – helps in developing as a man and in transforming quickly.

Through presentations, activities, exercises and yoga practises, many fundamental aspects of masculinity will be explored in the Vira group, such as:

  • A man’s place and role in the modern world
  • Willpower and how to amplify it
  • The importance of consciousness and awareness for a man
  • Amorous erotic continence (sometimes referred to as becoming “multi-orgasmic”)
  • Polarising, or controlling energy and giving it direction
  • The dynamics of couple relationships
  • Balancing the material and spiritual aspects of life
  • Understanding your higher purpose

Every 6 – 8 weeks the Vira group will meet with the counterpart Shakti group for a joint meeting.

These meetings are an opportunity to put all the attitudes and skills developed in the respective groups into practice, in order to experience the game of polarity tangibly. These meetings are not sexual in any way. They have an intimate, playful and romantic atmosphere.

Why join the Vira Group?

  • Gain key insights from ancient Tantric texts and from men who have a great deal of experience in awakening their ‘Vira’ state
  • Meet like-minded men who share similar aspirations and goals of transformation
  • Inspire and support each other for even faster transformation
  • Develop strong friendships and brotherhood
  • Putting in practise what was learned in our joint meetings with the Shakti (women’s) group
  • Hear from other men about their experiences and share your own in a safe environment

Courses are still open for new students to join!

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Every other Friday, 6:30-8:30pm

starting 8th October

Tara Yoga Centre, Export House, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QW

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Kieran Dee

Every other Sunday, 7-9pm

starting 17th October

Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT

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Your teacher

Andrew Tope


I am not a member of Tara. Can I still join?
The Vira Group is only for members as our courses are an essential basis for getting the most out of the group. However, please keep an eye on our events listings as other events for men will be open to non-members.
I am single, can I still join – is it worthwhile?
Yes. The group is beneficial both for those who are single and in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, it will help you understand that relationship and your masculine role within it in a deeper way. If you are not in a relationship, you will gain the tools for a successful and meaningful one. And if you’re single and happy to be so, you can simply focus on developing your masculine qualities, and the fulfilment that will follow.
Will this group help me pick up women?
The group is focused on developing true masculinity in its most profound sense. While that often leads to men becoming or perceiving themselves to be more attractive to the feminine, this is a side effect and not a goal of this group.
Do I have to commit to the group?
Not in the beginning. Come along and see if the group is for you. If you can commit to at least a few sessions you will be able to get a proper feel for the group and the teachers – and whether the group is for you.
Once a group is established, regular attendance will create a reliable atmosphere of support and brotherhood.
Is this a sharing circle for men?
The main focus of this group is to understand the importance of and to develop true masculinity. While we encourage men to be open and share their relevant experiences and challenges, the main focus is not specifically to create a sharing circle.