Shakti Group

When you see beauty anywhere, it is a reflection of yourself.

Fully awakening as a woman means to remember the inherent perfection of your femininity, to recognise your essential nature as pure bliss, and to see through all the masks and distortions of the ego that prevent your light from shining.

Freedom from fears and limitations characterises an awakened woman – a woman who is confident in her qualities, who is playful and spontaneous and a ceaseless inspiration to those around her.

Shakti means ‘sacred force’, ‘power’ or ‘energy’ in Sanskrit. It is the force through which the entire Creation was born and is maintained. We invite you on a journey of discovering this mysterious sacred force that you are. Understand the play of energies both within your own being and in the world around you, for more intensity and transformation, and for bringing greater fulfilment and happiness into your life.

Linking ancient Eastern knowledge with the needs of women today, this group will help in awakening your femininity, enabling you to live to your full potential, and to experience the wonder of being a woman.

Be part of a strong community of women

Studies show that women feel more harmonious when together, they heal faster by sharing, they are more happy and relaxed after spending good quality time with other women.

It also gives us the chance to support each other in overcoming challenges, and to connect more deeply to femininity by admiring the qualities that each woman brings to the group. A strong friendship and sisterhood form between the group members, making regular access to a safe space and feminine haven possible.

Read how women already part of this community have transformed:

Through presentations, activities, yoga and Tantra techniques, you can explore

  • The role of women in Tantra, and about Tantric femininity
  • The role of women in modern life
  • How to bring your feminine essence into your interaction with life
  • Understanding your feminine energy in interaction with the masculine (polarity)
  • How to polarise your own energy through awakening your inner man
  • Consciously amplifying your energies to increase your feminine power and rediscover all your qualities
  • Keys to couple relationships – an area of life that enables fast transformation
  • Subtle anatomy, and the principle of resonance from the perspective of femininity
  • The importance of orgasm
  • The feminine enigma of menstruation
  • How to awaken feminine qualities through Tantric techniques, dance, massage etc

Every 6 – 8 weeks the Shakti group will meet with the counterpart Vira group for a joint meeting.

Every 6 – 8 weeks the Shaktis will meet with the Viras – the men’s group. These joint meetings will provide an opportunity to put all the attitudes and skills developed in the separate groups into practice, enabling a tangible experience of the game of polarity. These meetings are not sexual in any way. They have an intimate, playful and romantic atmosphere.

Courses are still open for new students to join!

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Every other Friday, 6:30-8:30pm
starting 8th October

Tara Yoga Centre, Export House, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QW

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Your Teacher

Magdalena Hau

Every other Friday, 6:30-8:30pm
starting 15th October

Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT

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Your Teacher

Silvia Ciobanu


I am not a member of Tara. Can I still join?
The Shakti Group is only for members as our courses are an essential basis for getting the most out of the group. However, please keep an eye on our events listings, as we often have other women’s events open to non-members.
Isn’t it superficial, boring or unproductive just sitting around talking about women’s stuff?
Our Shakti Group is not merely a sweet gathering of women exchanging tips and tricks. What we learn is extremely profound for a spiritual path, for discovering the nature of Who we are, which undeniably includes the fact that we were born as a woman.
To be a woman is to possess the inherent gift of being intimately united with Shakti, the same sacred force that created, sustains and destroys all of creation. 
When a woman comes to understand the spiritual significance of this, along with its lessons, gifts and journey, it will no longer be associated with something insignificant, but as a fast-track towards spiritual evolution.
What could ever be boring about fully awakening as a woman, becoming a blissful, radiant inspiration for all of life, free from all masks and limitations?
I believe women are powerful and can do anything. Will this group try to turn me into a bimbo or stereotypical girly-girl?
Women are the embodiment of energy and nature itself. Women can be as mighty as a storm, as delicate as a flower, and as mysterious as the night’s sky… In society, we are often taught that to be very feminine is to be weaker, less competent or not to be taken as seriously. But it’s true that women are powerful and can do anything! 
In this group, we learn to shed the layers of misinterpretation and belittlement, to unveil all the miraculous nuances of femininity that exist within us.
By getting in touch with ourselves, we will know even better the inherent feminine strength and honour it, instead of copying the masculine strength, and competing with men and one another.
Will this group just feed my spiritual ego, thinking I’m a ‘goddess’?
When we hear that we are an embodiment of Shakti, our ego may react somewhere along the lines of either: “Me?! No way!”, or “Yes, I’m the best”… in both cases feeding our ego. On the spiritual path, we learn to discover the amazing truth of Who we are without any commentary from the ego, instead just silently observing the Truth as it is. In this way, experiencing true insight and transformation.
In the regular or joint meetings, will I have to do something that I don’t feel comfortable with?
No, you can participate to the extent to which you feel. The group can indeed be an opportunity to step a little out of the comfort zone, but it is often in these moments when we transform the most! Especially in the joint meetings, having the opportunity to directly put into practice all the attitudes and skills developed in the separate groups, students almost always report gaining greater insight, overcoming resistances, and feeling more free.
Will this group help me find a boyfriend or fix my current relationship?
The group is focused on developing true femininity in its most profound sense. While that often leads to women becoming or perceiving themselves as more attractive to men, and being wiser in maintaining harmonious relationships, it’s a side effect, and not a goal of this group. 
Will this group help me to be more passionate, have a better sex life, and be more courageous in bed?
On the Tantric path, whether we engage in lovemaking or not, erotic energy is of great importance. Therefore, we learn many techniques for awakening and directing this energy fully and consciously in order to fuel our spiritual expansion. 
This will impact your life in many ways, including your erotic experiences, by awakening your senses and capacity for bliss, developing spontaneity, creativity, vitality, expansion of consciousness, and a sense of freedom and aliveness.