Self-revelation Group

‘Know yourself and you shall know the Universe.’

(Temple at Delphi)

Who am I?

Are we more than what the physical senses allow us to perceive? Is there a deeper reality and meaning within that enigmatically connects us with others and with everything?

Can we experience anything else but the inside of our own beings? What if we turn our attention inward, on that which witnesses all these experiences? Is there a deeper ‘I’?

Throwing more light on what we might truly Be is a valuable key. ‘Know yourself and you shall know the Universe.’ (Temple at Delphi)

If you have the enthusiasm and aspiration to embark on this fundamental journey of Self-Discovery or if you are already a spiritual practitioner and want to deepen your quest and connection with your Higher Self, we invite you to join us.

‘Your Nature is Peace and Happiness. Happiness is the nature of the Self. They are not different. That is the truth.’ Ramana Maharishi

This group is open to current Tara members in second year and up.

Meeting Times

Most Saturdays 16:00-18:00
London Old Street

For more info, contact