Fasting group

Fasting is one of the oldest spiritual techniques, used across many cultures for its amazingly powerful spiritual benefits. Fasting is now known to have many unparalleled benefits to physical health and mental wellbeing.

Spiritual benefits of fasting

  • Purify the mind
  • Awaken the sublime inner fire
  • Allows for profound states without interuption of the digestive system
  • Harmonise the body
  • Burn Karma

Spring Equinox fasting group

From a spiritual perspective, both the spring and autumn equinoxes and the winter and summer solstices are very beneficial moments for fasting, as these times of year represent renewal and letting go of the old. Many of our teachers and students have been fasting for years and have seen the many benefits that fasting can bring.

If you would like to be supported – whether this is your first attempt at fasting or you have some experience, this group is for you!

This particular fast will be for 3 days (72 hours), which sounds like a very long time if you do not have experience, but is actually surprisingly do-able! There are specific guidelines to help you that will be given nearer the time.

If you would like to participate this time, join the telegram group for extra support and guidance.