The Ten Faces of the Goddess – Bhuvaneshwari

29 January 2022

The journey with the Maha Vidyas continues. This time we explored space, the spiritual heart, expansion, and so much more with the beautiful and gracious goddess, Bhuvaneshwari. Here our wonderful student Cintia shares some reflections from a day that seemed to touch on infinity….

In the Bhuvaneshwari workshop we met the primordial mother, who holds the immanence of knowledge and wisdom, and we were taken on a journey into the depths of Space, aided by the sublime background images of stars, constellations and galaxies. Being a space geek that used to stare and speak telepathically to the stars and cosmos at night in the sky, I was immediately surrendered to this Goddess.
It’s so rare to think about space, the space surrounding us. As one of the woman who attended said, “We are so used to touch what we consider concrete, solid, but very rarely do we touch space… – yet we are in Space, we are space, and space is in us too.”
Our planet stands suspended in a vast infinite Space.
Our body is only 1 percent solid and 99% space.

“We are so used to touch what we consider concrete, solid, but very rarely do we touch space… – yet we are in Space, we are space, and space is in us too.”

And then our heart is also Space, space that holds the vastness of Universes, the infinitude of love, the eternity of Spirit and the deepest unlimited truths, and like the primordial mother we hold life in the womb, also an empty space filled with life, magic, alchemy, the mystery of where we came from, and our mother came from, and her mother, and her mother before… and as the teachers guided us through this meditation we were suddenly connected to all our thousands of ancestors, who have created the magical portal of life and love through which we came.

We also expressed ourselves through dancing in space, find one another in the space inside our hearts with practical exercises, and we tasted the sense of freedom that expansion creates. Also how bringing to the heart all that we are about to take into our bodies, adds so much more flavour.

We explored the meaning of holding space in our hearts through kindness, like the nurturing mother who loves all of her children and there are no limits to how much she can love… In Bhuvaneshwari all humanity resides in the womb of Her heart, and when we treat others and ourselves with kindness we are embodying this great Cosmic Mother.

And what better way to manifest this than by melting in the affectionate touch massage each woman was able to offer to another, diving deeper into the essence of Bhuvaneshwari in our femininity that so naturally receives and so generously gives…
We also learned the importance of creating space, space to be creative, to stand still, to listen to our own heart, to our essence as a womb that envelops us, allowing us to expand, to manifest the fullness of our being, our gifts, the magnificence of our femininity and the Cosmic Goddesses that reside in the sacred spaces within each one of us.

Feedback from the workshops:

“I feel I know myself better and that I can manifest more of my feminine qualities!”

“I really appreciate being in the company of other women and exploring the Divine Feminine and how She manifests in me and my life. “

“Discovering more in-depth the nuances of the Cosmic Powers and the breadth of the gifts they manifest in our inner feminine world is such an enrichment and it brings so much joy to my soul!”

spiritual community of like minded people on a path of transformation

The great goddess Bhuvaneshwari – the one who is the canvas the entire universe unfolds upon. This Maha Vidya gives us the understanding of space in its most profound sense and allows us to centre in our spiritual heart.

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