An Open Letter in response to allegations made against Tara

We are currently confronted with a series of allegations made against Tara that has left both teachers and students indignant and in disbelief.

These accusations range from us being a cult whose purpose is to groom women as sex slaves for senior male teachers, to our yoga practices being forms of torture that slowly break down our members, who are then subsequently brainwashed by an environment that is friendly and loving – to mention a few.

Considering that we seek to empower women and support them to discover their own innate power in a friendly and warm environment, and we teach different, traditional techniques that can be found practised also in other traditions and schools of yoga, these allegations seem completely outrageous.

The allegations made against us at Tara are greatly misleading, false and unsubstantiated. Unfortunately, however, such rumours are often all that is needed to create serious doubt and apprehension for many who come across them, without searching for further evidence or resorting to personal experience. No significant evidence is provided by the perpetrators, but the resulting damage is nevertheless substantial.

It is unfortunately the case that things seen or heard on the internet are often enough for many to form an opinion, regardless of the reality. This is especially the case when the news is scandalous and offensive, and even if the allegations are coming from a limited number of individuals, they are quickly circulated without discrimination.

We are intent on pursuing legal proceedings against individuals making these damaging allegations to hold them accountable for their actions.

Many of you have already shown common sense in not judging without evidence and trusting your own experiences over the sensational claims of others – and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love in this challenging moment of our yoga centre’s existence.

We include here some testimonies from some of our students in the hope that such honest sharing from people with direct experience will be considered more valuable than the defamatory claims of people who in many cases never visited our centre or even had a conversation with any of the teachers at Tara.

Testimonies from our students

I have been practising yoga with Tara for 14 years now and practising Tantra for 10 years. In all those years I have learned many yoga techniques, purification methods, meditation methods, breathing exercises which have helped me over the course of those years to become more confident, happier, more disciplined, more social, less stressed, able to understand more the dynamic of life and understanding more the goal of my life.Read more
Jean-Bernard Nuaud
Year 14, Yoga Course, Year 10, Tantra course
Tara and its teachings have been continuously transforming my life since I joined the school over three years ago.Read more
Tomas Piatrik
Year 4, Tantra Course
My journey at Tara started in October of 2019. I can say without exaggeration that joining Tara has been one of the most beneficial decisions I’ve ever made in my life. What is taught at Tara is techniques for living life holistically and more joyfully.Read more
Sasan Piroozi
Year 3, Tantra Course, Year 2, Kashmir Shaivism Course

Testimonies from our students

I’ve been attending yoga classes at Tara for the last 17 years and have been practising yoga for 21 years.
My experience at Tara has been life-changing….Read more
Katalin Rozsnyai
Year 22, Yoga Course
I’ve been a student at Tara for 4 years.
I have also had the experience in my late teens of actually being in a spiritual school that was actually a cult and so I am quite familiar with what cult traits are and how they look like and can say with confidence today that Tara is not a cult.Read more
Cintia Gasper
Year 4 Tantra Course, Year 4 Yoga Course, Year 2 Kashmir Shaivism Course

Video Testimonies