Inspiration in June

01 June 2019

Let go of that bag you have been carrying with you for a while and let your heart fly.

Just like we understand there is the energy of love, the energy of beauty, or of wonder, so too is there an energy of forgiveness. We can connect to this energy through the process of occult resonance. Just as love attracts love, and beauty attracts beauty etc, so does forgiveness attract forgiveness. To bring forgiveness inside of us we need to become an attractor or a receiver of this energy.

It is a gift to yourself to let your heart fly from being attached to that action that hurt you in the first place. This does not mean to forget what has happened to you or pretend nothing happened, but to look at the situation clearly for what it is, examining the suffering, therefore naturally healing yourself by the energy of forgiveness and allowing this energy to manifest deeper inside your being down to the level of your soul.

Enjoy this video on the energy of forgiveness to understand how it can set your heart free.

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