YOGA, The Path of Union with Life ~ London

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Wednesday 20th September
6:30 – 8:30pm

How do you stop a drop of water from ever drying up? Throw it in the ocean.  

Yoga conceives the entire Universe as being a huge ocean of light. Everything is in vibration, everything is energy, and everything interacts through resonance.  

Explore your mysterious energetic structure in this workshop, and how it represents one of the most practical tools you can use to help transform both your own being and your life.

Awaken the enormous potential that lies within you and accelerate your spiritual transformation. 

Your life is a work of art. To make it a masterpiece, dive deeper into the mysteries of your inner being to discover the hidden treasures waiting inside. To know oneself is to know the entire Universe, and to unite your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Universe is to fulfil the purpose of life itself. 

Join us in this series of Inspiring Autumn events in which you can get a taste of the Tantra, Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and Astrology courses that we offer here in Tara! 

Events in this Inspiring Autumn series include: 

  • Saying YES to Life – London
  • YOGA: The Path of Union with Life – London and Oxford
  • From Attraction to Enlightenment – London
  • Venus on a Date: Love’s Elemental Dance – London
  • Eros: Why do we need it on the spiritual path? – London and Oxford
  • Increased awareness starting from an awakened heart! – London

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Meet the teacher

Austin Allen

Austin was fascinated by Eastern mysticism and the metaphysical from an early age. He practiced Martial Arts throughout his teens and later studied Psychology and the Healing Arts, before discovering the Yoga course (offered by our school) whilst traveling in India. As he practiced more, he soon realized that he had found his spiritual path and the desire was born to share the experience with others. Austin has been practicing Yoga & Tantra with Tara since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006.