FREE Talk – Women, Love & God: A man’s perspective.

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Sunday 16th January

Growing up as a man today is often a confronting experience – especially in regards to love, femininity, and to God, or spirituality.

Often men will either try to hide from love, or they will idealise it and leave it on a pedestal without ever truly living it. Men are not educated on how to approach the fairer sex, and often find themselves either misusing women, or being afraid of them. Similarly, their relationship with God can be confused, and confined within the religious dogmas which they either obey or reject blindly.

In this lecture, we will talk about the path of healing the relationship with women, with love and with God, through which men can grow spiritually.

In the second part of the lecture, we will take inspiration and insight from the Song of Songs, the Biblical book of eroticism and love, as the place in which these three aspects merge into one pulse of the heart.

This lecture is fascinating and insightful for both men and women equally – for both to know and understand the man’s path more deeply.