Women in Ecstasy – female saints and sages

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Sunday 19th June

Every spiritual path has been walked by women filled with aspiration and love for God. These women are models of a specifically feminine way to relate to spirituality and the relationship with the Supreme Absolute Consciousness.

In this talk we will see how enlightened women from the Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist and Tantric traditions have become spiritual teachers in their times, and also how their teachings have continued to resonate beyond the ages. Despite the fact that they come from different spiritual backgrounds, they have a great deal in common, as all the paths essentially merge into one.

Join us to explore the feminine approach to mysticism, devotion and spirituality and how this has been exemplified by saints and sages throughout the ages.

Meet the teachers

Kate Wallwork

Kate has had a dedicated practice in Yoga and Tantra since 2010 and is passionate about using Tantric methods for rapid self-development and spiritual transformation. Coming from an academic background, Kate discovered how a Tantric practice brings happiness and fulfilment in the heart of life’s storms and propels us ever forward on the path of Self-discovery. Especially devoted to the path of combining spirituality and eroticism, Kate teaches Tantra and Tantra groups for women. 

Contact: kate@tarayogacentre.co.uk