The Wisdom of Emotions

Consciously heal your inner world 

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£120 members: £150 non-members
22nd – 23rd April
11am – 5:30pm

How can we reduce the negative effects of emotions on our being? How can we use the energy of emotions constructively to enrich our lives? How can we consciously deal with emotions in a healthy and wholesome way?

Through the ancient spiritual practices of Yoga, Tantra, Mystical Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism, in combination with modern psychology, we can apply a unique approach to better understand our emotions. We can break down complex emotions into their subcomponents, such that emotions can be addressed at the physical,

energetic, psychological, and spiritual levels. We can discover clear and systematic practices to work with the body, the energy structure and the mind for a profound and complete healing.

This workshop will give us the opportunity to honestly and wisely address our inner world, take profound responsibility for our being and in this way, break free from our own suffering. Through enthusiastic effort, radical acceptance, understanding and wisdom, a state of well-being can be available to each and every one of us.

Watch the Intro to the Wisdom of Emotions workshop

Embark on this journey towards emotional mastery and a deeply fulfilling and authentic life. 

What you can take home from this workshop: 

  • Discover a unique approach to emotional healing from a combination of spirituality and modern psychology 
  • Reduce the adverse effects of mismanaged emotions 
  • Create a coherent, strong and authentic sense of self by allowing emotions to find their place in our being 
  • Allow the energy of emotions to be channelled constructively, such that guilt can bring transformation, sadness can lead to depth, anger can bring dynamisation and so on. 
Becoming Emotionally Wiser podcast

In this podcast episode, Tantra and Yoga teacher Uriel Yariv shares with us about how to become more emotionally wise, and how to consciously heal emotions in a healthy and wholesome way, as well as about his own experience with healing emotions.

Listen to learn more about what emotions are, about what we think we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do with emotions, and about how through awareness of emotions, a process of alchemy starts to take place.


  • Members: £120 (per workshop), £70 (per day)
  • Non-members: £150 (per workshop), £90 (per day)

Meet the teacher

Uriel Yariv

Uriel is a certified Tantra and Yoga teacher in the Atman Federation, and for the past 20 years he has devoted himself to the path of Tantra-Yoga with great enthusiasm. He has spent more than 2 years in silent retreats, practicing meditation and yoga passionately. Uriel cofounded Mahasiddha Yoga and the Integral Yoga Center Amrita in Thailand. He has a master degree in clinical psychology and has written many articles about spirituality and psychology. Uriel shares his love of spirituality, meditation and Tantra in a clear and tangible way, and is an inspiration to many around him.