The Virtues of an Awakened Woman ~ Oxford

Series of Women’s Circles

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£15 per workshop, £60 for all 5 parts
Friday 12th July

Every woman is born to be a goddess! In this sublime journey of inspiring feminine qualities, we will explore some of the most important virtues of a happy and awakened woman as described in the tantric tradition. Each woman can offer her unique and precious talents that are related to the virtues, to the world, and so awaken her full potential on the path of becoming a spiritual woman.  By connecting our hearts in these Tantric Women’s Circles, including dance and exercises to connect to our deepest essence, real and beautiful transformations can be triggered. 

Join this series of workshops to connect to your heart and the hearts of others, and elevate your happiness to new levels!  Each can be attended as a stand alone workshop, or book all five to get one free!

 Location: Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT

Who is it for?

For every curious woman – no matter where you are in life, Tantra can help you to become happier and more fulfilled!

If you would like to know more about living a virtuous life, and you want to discover the fascinating power of your femininity, join this series of workshops or just pick the virtues that speaks most to your heart.

What to expect?

  • Theory and exercises inspired by ancient Tantric texts to connect with your spiritual feminine nature 
  •  Discovering and empowering individual qualities, to use them more in everyday life 
  •  Supportive, safe environment and guidance for inner healing  
  •  Meditation techniques, bodily exercises and dance to reach states of freedom, spontaneity and joy 

“In your love is your honour, love always much more than you are loved back, be always the first ones in Love!”

Part 1
5th April
Unconditional Love

Love is the very essence of femininity in all spiritual traditions. Allowing ourselves to have a constant unlimited access to this energy gives us the power to live a truly joyful and ecstatic life. This begins with acceptance and loving ourselves. In this first session of these women’s circles, connect with like-hearted women and your inner essence to further awaken your feminine heart. 

Part 2
3rd May
Radiant Inner Beauty

Each of us is beautiful in our unique way. Inner beauty is a result of beneficial behaviours and attitudes that transform our existence into a celebration of life. And when our inner world begins to blossom, we begin to radiate an irresistibly powerful, charming and beautiful aura.

Part 3
7th June
Sublime & Erotic Sensuality

Eroticism is one of the most spiritual ways for a woman to experience her full sacred potential, and charged by refined eroticism, female sensuality is naturally sublime. In the Tantric tradition, women guide true spiritual seekers towards the most sacred depths of the universe. Connect to your inner freedom and Eros in this beautiful workshop.

Part 4
12th July
Unshakeable Self-confidence

Living in permanent self-confidence is a foundation for both a material and spiritual life, and keeping the flame of self-confidence constantly burning gives great inner power. Join this workshop to increase courage, a sense of humour and self-appreciation, and achieve success in all you do!

Part 5
2nd August
Profound Mystery

In the Tantric tradition, the woman is revered as a mysterious universe… Her powerful spontaneity and freedom always surprises and inspires. Discover the unique mystery and goddess within your inner universe in the last of these 5 special workshops for women!

Join these women’s circles!

  • £15 per workshop
  • £60 for all 5 workshops

Meet the teacher

Edrisa Mayova

Edrisa began her spiritual journey in 2016, following an intuition that there is much more to life, and by curiously applying the Tantric and yogic teachings she quickly and profoundly transformed her life. After a year of intense daily practice, Edrisa began to feel a strong desire to help others discover their own spiritual revelations. She has organised spiritual theatre groups, and women’s circles that focused on awakening femininity and the art of initiatic dance. Edrisa is fascinated by the potential each one of us holds within, and she is keen to help others find the spiritual meaning in their life. She enjoys both stepping into the intensity of life and savouring it in all its nuances, as well as retreating into silence in nature, where she can contemplate the essence of creation in its utmost simplicity.


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Podcast – Journeys of Awakening Shakti

A vital part of a woman becoming her true, authentic self is to embrace the gift of Shakti, and connect with the creative life force inside her being, that is waiting to be activated. For many women there is a moment when the desire to fully awaken becomes powerful and insistent. The question then is, what to do next? Tantra provides many answers, many techniques to support and maintain this awakening, including the opportunity to be in a community of women who are learning to open their hearts and indeed their whole beings, to Shakti; learning to see what is beautiful in others. This perspective is a welcome relief from the pressure to compete, that many girls and women, which forces them to push down or ignore their natural, powerful selves. In this podcast, Tantra teachers Magdalena Hau and Mojdeh Moasser share with student Vivienne Rush the magnificence of awakening Shakti in their own lives.