Spiritual Tests: What is their purpose? – members only

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Sunday 21st November

A look at some of the fundamental aspects that need to be considered when approaching a spiritual path.

What does it mean to evolve spiritually?
According to many spiritual traditions, when on the path of spiritual transformation and evolution, aspirants will encounter inevitable and necessary phases in their transformation – spiritual tests.

By understanding the role that these tests play in the process of our spiritual evolution, as well as the different kinds of tests and how they manifest, we will be better prepared to successfully overcome them.

We will discuss this process as well as the essential qualities that are needed to develop ourselves, so that these challenges can be overcome successfully, and our growth on the spiritual path can be continued.

Morgan Arundel
Morgan Arundel has been a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and tantra for over 20 years. He is passionate about teaching, inspiring others on their journey of spiritual transformation. Morgan is the coordinator teacher of Tara in Oxford.