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Ten Faces of the Goddess series

Our workshop series with The Great Macrocosmic Powers continues with Part 7:
Dhumavati – The embodiment of the beatific void, taking us from emptiness to plenitude.

The Great Macrocosmic Power Dhumavati represents the infinite energy of the beatific void. Through her subtle support and immense power, one can discover that in the apparent emptiness, loneliness and nothingness of existence there is a genuine and tangible path to the Supreme Consciousness.

In adoration of this great deity, any negative or low state can be easily dissolved, thus merging with a mysterious euphoria, a subtle dimension that lies at the background of all experiences.

Dhumavati teaches us transcendence in all situations no matter how grim they may appear, allowing us to see beyond all calamity, depression, sadness and melancholy. In such experiences we realise that there is so much more beyond what we perceive in every day life.

She allows us to view death and decay in a new, more beautiful way. In offering us the understanding that death and decay are natural and necessary processes, we can experience life with a greater sense of freedom, wisdom and faith.

With her great feminine energy, as we surrender to her we transcend all things temporary and immerse ourselves into the void that is always ecstatic and alive.


In the Western world, the importance of awakening femininity is often overlooked or even dismissed. In the Tantric tradition, it is said that every woman has an enormous potential waiting to be uncovered and expressed. We have inside a vast reservoir of qualities and endowments within, including feminine beauty, wisdom and grace, courage, sensuality and unconditional love. Some of these qualities are already alive and others are still latent and perhaps not yet visible. Using Tantric methods, every woman can reach the fulfilment she is seeking through the discovery and awakening of her amazing feminine nature, and thus she can become truly happy and empowered, in harmony with the flow of life.

In Tantra, the woman is adored as a manifestation of the Eternal Feminine and Divine Mother, Mahashakti, the Great Goddess. By discovering the goddess within, we awaken our soul and the realisation of our full spiritual potential. Mahashakti has 10 faces, each of which embody specific aspects of the sacred feminine. These 10 goddesses are known as the 10 Great Macrocosmic Powers or Maha Vidyas.

This series of 10 women’s circles is a colourful celebration of femininity in all its nuances. Each session is dedicated to one of the 10 Great Macrocosmic Powers, exploring her specific nature and how we can awaken as women by melting into her heart.

Each 3-hour session will include:

  • Presentation of the Great Macrocosmic Power and how her sphere of force connects to our life
  • Exploring different feminine qualities, through playful exercises, including movement, meditation, techniques of contemplation, heartful communication
  • Exercises of sisterhood, supporting each other, connecting with other women
  • Special Tantric techniques for awakening femininity
  • Sharing and open discussion

*For our older students, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the resonance of that cosmic power, to have a direct experience of their energy and qualities. Especially as women, it is so important to learn through these experiential opportunities, not only through study of information, to let the teachings permeate deeper into our being.

Who are the 10 Great Cosmic Powers and when can I meet them?

30.10. Kali – The Great Mother of time, eternity, intensity, eroticism and vitality

20.11. Tara – The embodiment of wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, and grace

18.12. Tripura Sundari – The goddess of love, beauty, harmony, truth and goodness

22.1. Bhuvaneshwari – The Divine Mother of space, the spiritual heart, knowledge, expansion and acceptance

26.2. Tripura Bhairavi – The model of self-sacrifice, focus, determination, awakening of kundalini and the sublime inner fire

19.3. Chinnamasta – The quintessence of courage, spontaneity, detachment and heroism

23.4. Dhumavati – The embodiment of the beatific void, taking us from emptiness to plenitude

14.5. Bagalamukhi – The Great Mother of fascination, paralysing beauty and the stopping of the mind

11.6. Matangi – The Goddess of divine order, synchronicities, purpose and inner freedom

9.7. Kamalatmika – The Divine Mother of abundance, fulfilment, joy, bliss and ecstasy

Each workshop can be attended as a stand-alone session, but we recommend to attend all 10 to complete the full journey.

Price: £30 per workshop