Tara Café – Good Vibrations

Conversations and cake

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Friday 24th February
7PM – 8:30PM

Now we are well into the new year, we are continuing with the second session of our new initiative for 2023 – the Tara Café. One Friday evening each month the beautiful Parvati room in our London centre will be turned into a cosy café. Tea and cake will be available of course, but the main purpose will be to engage in meaningful conversation, dialogue and sharing with like-minded people on a specific topic.

These café evenings will be more informal conversations, rather than lectures or presentations. A Tara teacher with relevant experience on the topic will be there to guide the conversation, and members can contribute with their experiences, questions or revelations.

The Café series continues on Friday 24th Feb with “Good Vibrations”: a discussion on the fascinating topic of the universal principle of Resonance.  

What kind of resonances we manifesting in our lives?

What kind influence that has on our daily experience?

How we can incorporate this principle into our perception of reality? 

We hope to see you on the 24th! 

Meet the teacher

Morgan Arundel

Morgan has been a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner of tantra yoga for over 20 years. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others, inspiring them on their own journey of spiritual awakening and transformation. With a unique ability to bring clarity to ancient teachings, he combines his deep spiritual knowledge with broad life experience, helping him to convey spiritual ideas to a wide range of people in clear and insightful ways. He teaches yoga and tantra in Oxford and coordinates spiritual groups for men inspiring them to awaken their masculine potential. 

Contact: morgan@tarayogacentre.co.uk