Tara Café – The Art of Connection – through the eyes of Astrology

Conversations and cake

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Friday 19th May
7 – 8:30PM

Now we are well into the new year, we are continuing with the second session of our new initiative for 2023 – the Tara Café. One Friday evening each month the beautiful Parvati room in our London centre will be turned into a cosy café. Tea and cake will be available of course, but the main purpose will be to engage in meaningful conversation, dialogue and sharing with like-minded people on a specific topic.

These café evenings will be more informal conversations, rather than lectures or presentations. A Tara teacher with relevant experience on the topic will be there to guide the conversation, and members can contribute with their experiences, questions or revelations.

The Café series continues on Friday 19th May with, “The Art of Connection – Through the Eyes of Astrology”. Join us for a playful exploration and open discussion on the topic of building bridges between souls and creating harmonious relationships. We will touch on subjects like compatibility, communication, awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and the purpose of each relationship we form. 

We hope to see you on the 19th! 

Meet the teacher

Alina Chereches

Alina began the study and practice of Integral Yoga at the age of fifteen, moved by a deep thirst to understand the nature of everything. Gradually, she found her home in meditation. She immersed herself into many spiritual traditions, fell in love with the Tantric philosophy and practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta and Esoteric Astrology. She weaves these together with Transpersonal Psychotherapy into one integral path. As a teacher of Tantra and Astrology, Alina loves sharing her vision that life is our deepest meditation, in a playful and approachable manner.

Contact: alinac@tarayogacentre.co.uk