Tantric Tango

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£130 members, £160 non-members
Saturday 17th February – Sunday 18th February

Welcome to an intensive spiritual workshop where art, tango and authentic Tantra meet in a magical embrace. You will be guided by professional Tango dancers and highly-experienced Tantra practitioners, Hridaya and Noelia.

Tango, the world-renowned dance of polarity has naturally been endowed with innumerable consciousness-awakening principles of the ancient tradition of Tantra. 

Through Tango you can discover an inner path to the heart, to pure Eros, passion, and different nuances of love in which you offer the best of yourself to the other, and care with tender affection for the other’s joy, happiness and profound fulfilment.

The aim of the Tantric Tango movement is to use the romantic and elevated energies of Tango as a tool to reach unique states of ecstasy and deepen into the world of Tantra

What you will discover in this transformational weekend: 
  • Men: how to amplify a harmonious masculinity that fascinates women. And how by loving a wonderful woman, he opens and right away to love the Eternal Feminine. 
  • Women: connect with your archetypal femininity and honour the sacred power of attraction. And how by offering love to a wonderful man, she gives birth right away to a free consciousness.
  • How, regardless of your level of knowledge, dance becomes meditation, revelation, communion. Diving to the point of inner stillness, where you meet yourself and connect authentically with the other.
  • How the movement and bliss in which Tango immerses you, shows what it means to be fully in the present
  • Easier steps, more complicated steps, spectacular artistic movements.
  • How Tango develops empathy, awakens and vibrates the uplifting chords of the soul. 
  • A lucid state of flow in which dancing becomes a love making to music, and to all that exists 
  • Exercises of Tango: Sensory-perception, techniques, amazing Tango choreographies, etc. 
  • Tantric principles of polarity, pure eros, passion, godly attributes, attraction, and more… 
  • How Tango can bring an instantaneous, beneficial state of romantic trance in unison in the couple.


  • Members: £130
  • Non-members: £160  

N.B. This event will be held between 10am – 8:30pm both days with a lunch break 2 – 3:30pm.

This event is suitable for both singles and couples.

Tantric Tango is a door that opens to the soul… Do you want to step inside and dance with the universe?

Meet the teachers


Tantra Tango instructor, actor, dance performer in the artistic group ArtExtasia. Hridaya was born in Argentina, the motherland of Tango.  

He graduated from the University of Tango in Buenos Aires in 2002. Along with his irresistible Latin charisma has danced and taught Tango magic worldwide for more than a decade. 

Inspired by the manifestation of the soul of his nation, the Tango, Hridaya initiated steps into the world of Tantra. Since 2011 he dedicated his life to the deep study of Tantra, and lives his life according to the principles and values of this transforming spiritual path. Since becoming part of ArtExtasia in 2013, he investigated the mystical amorous fusion that shines passionately between Tango and Tantra. 


Maria Noelia Falco, an Argentinian model, actress and practitioner of the Tantric path, began as the leading actress in the movies Continuamente Amando and The Faces of the Great Goddess. Because of her intense aspiration for self-knowledge and great interest in mysticism, spirituality and art, Maria immersed herself in the practice of Yoga, Tantra and Esoteric Tantric Art. She discovered how Tango perfectly expresses some of the universal principles described in Tantra, and how their magical fusion empowers the game of polarity in couple relationships. 

On stage, she dances in the performances of the artistic group ArtExtasia. She is also a part of a team of teachers that holds workshops on esoteric Tantric art and sacred women´s circles. 

She integrates her spiritual experiences and complete dedication to art and Tantra in her work.