Tantra Festival 2024

Erotic Era – The Revolution Continues

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Friday 24th May – Sunday 26th May 2024
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This May, we will be celebrating a decade of Tantra Festivals! Our Festivals have transformed a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. The magic the festivals bring continue to unfold new perspectives on life, charging all who participate with the light of joy, unity, and hope.  

‘The Erotic Era’ Festival represents a gateway towards a life ignited with sublime aspirations and happiness, bringing forward the dawn of a new era within, encouraging us to manifest the fullness of the beauty of our souls, and to experience existential delight!

The revolution continues to create waves towards a new and evolutionary way of savouring reality, bringing together new forms of spiritual insights that naturally transform us to act from a place of love, authenticity and courage, while immersing us in the light of eros.

Join us on 24th-26th May 2024, to taste the sweetness of erotic awakening through workshops, talks, special yoga practices and meaningful connections with a wide network of hearts. 

Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.


What you can expect: 

This celebration will unfold with a playfulness that embodies ten years of amazing experiences together:

  • Euphoric dance, keys for obtaining erotic ecstasy, the knowledge and use of aphrodisiacs for savouring life sensually and fully.
  • It will reveal secrets to make your intimate life a constant revelation of your authentic self, as well as an experience of perfect oneness.
  • It will give those who are curious a glimpse into the world of tantric massage, the art of sublime sensual touch, power polarity yoga and polar games.
  • It will be an opportunity for magical encounters and interactions and spiritual practice in unison, benefitting us in so many ways from the power we manifest when we are together in the heart.
  • See the full programme below!


  • Early bird ticket (ends 22nd March!): £125
  • Full price: £150


We have held this festival in collaboration with Tantra Festivals since 2014, transforming a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

“It’s a rare event which which fills the heart with love and affection in this big city of London. This is what London was missing”

“It was another beautiful 3 days. A rollercoaster of learning, interactions, skilfully facilitated, inviting us to meet our edges of comfort with kindness and care. It helped me to come to know the love affair that is life, and start to be swept up in its call.”
Jason Christopher
I had really forgotten my essential nature, which was causing me so much pain, and that nature is to laugh loudly, give love unconditionally, feel the fear, and do it anyway and reminded me of the unique beauty of each connection/ person I met. It’s re-awakened my enthusiasm for Life!
Maryam Abdollahzadeh
Throughout the whole festival I have learnt something new, even in subjects I felt I had some knowledge on. All the sessions were held beautifully, with a lot of care and love gone into them.
Phil Hanson
Felt very awakened to my sensuality and eros. Helped me to strengthen my connection to my heart and breath, expanding my awareness and loving  completely in life.
Trish Sengupta