Tantra Festival spring 2023

Aspire – A Godly Life Awaits

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26th – 28th May

Part of an international movement of Tantra festivals, we have run thirteen highly successful events in London venues since 2014, including the Barbican, Gray’s Inn, and in King’s Cross, Shoreditch and Old Street.  

We are thrilled to be pioneering the erotic revolution, and to be bringing forth a new paradigm of eroticism and sublime way of living! 

Our 2023 Spring festival will be dedicated to the deepen the aspiration towards a higher realm and godly existence, this will be done with inspiring talks, workshops, yoga practice and art performance, our experienced teachers will guide us on a journey which aims beyond.  

We look forward to taking the next steps on this elevating journey with you!

Join us for a festival beyond the ordinary

Aspire! A Godly Life Awaits!  

A life beyond the ordinary, a life that can allow you to experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, a life of fulfilment and happiness, in which sacredness and beauty are infused in all and everything. For those who wish to connect to the depths of their heart, for those who aspire to live their life with authenticity, and to discover the sacred in the profane, this year’s festival is definitely for you! 

Tantra is a science of evolution, of deification and setting ourselves free, a path of ecstasy and joy, in which we fully savour the beauty in the game between the feminine and the masculine, the game of life, and in the game of refined eroticism which becomes a sensual prayer and a longing for oneness.  

This year’s festival will be held in three halls, so that you can choose which activity suits you best. There will be dance and meditation, a combination of inspired theory and practice, yoga and relaxed social time for connecting with others. It will be led by a diverse and inspired group of teachers will guide you through a weekend of ecstasy, and of savouring the game of life.