Tantra Festival 2023

Erotic (R)Evolution

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Friday 24th November- Sunday 26th November 2023
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Erotic (R)Evolution

The Erotic (R)evolution Tantra festival is dedicated to offering participants a new perspective, an invitation to whole new worlds of sublime eroticism, love, and depths of intimacy.  

Eroticism is radically different from sexuality. Eroticism is an impetus of the soul towards the highest reaches of paradisiacal realms! When it is integrated fully, Eros brings sacredness to the profane, triggering a transformation withinan evolution of consciousness

Over the weekend of 24-26th November 2023, through workshops, talks, special yoga practice, performances, dance and meaningful connections, we will all step into the world of Eros, and together discover the vastness of the beauty within our soul.  

So join the Erotic (R)evolution, as only the revolution of Love will bring no harm, and the only way to transform the world for the better is a shift in consciousness, through our inner evolution.

Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.

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