Summer Retreat 2022: The Paths of Yoga ~ Follow the calling of your heart

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27th June – 3rd July

The Sanskrit word “yoga” means union.

In its highest essence, yoga is a path of self-discovery towards union with the Absolute Consciousness. While all genuine yogic paths lead to spiritual awakening and the discovery of the Absolute Truth, because of our unique qualities and affinities, the way in which we walk the path is specific to each of us. Yogic wisdom says that everyone can find Yoga on their path. Everyone can discover complete union on their path of self-exploration.

The ancient yogis revealed five fundamental paths, which have been passed on over millennia.

What are these five paths of yoga?

  • Bhakti Yoga

    The path of devotion and love. The aspirant who walks this path realises that love is the fundamental energy of Creation, and by merging with it he or she becomes complete, infusing all areas of life with the intensity of their devotion. 
  • Karma Yoga

    Is the path of perfectly integrated action consecrated to the highest. The karma yogi aims to fuse with the Universal harmony whilst working in the world. By selflessly offering himself in the service of others, he breaks the chains of Karma and sets himself free.
  • Tantra Yoga

    The path of weaving all aspects of life into sublime experiences. By finding the meaning and sacredness of every moment, the aspirant discovers that all areas of life exist on a background of ecstasy. It is a path in which the aspirant fully embraces sensorial experiences, the polar game and universal principles.
  • Jnana Yoga

    The path of wisdom and introspection. A path on which the aspirant embarks to fully understand the ultimate knowledge and realise how the truth shall set you free. The practice of Jnana yoga guides an examination of one’s own mind to discover the true centre of who we are.
  • Raja Yoga

    The royal path of perfect control over the mind, and the awakening of kundalini. Raja yoga is the path in which the aspirant practises techniques of meditation, and realises the supreme consciousness, which prevails over all aspects within and around the yogi.

The retreat includes:

  • Presentations of each of the paths of Yoga
  • Deepening into each of the paths
  • Tools to fully find yourself on the spiritual path, to find the most suitable way for each one to walk the path, and ultimately to reach complete fulfilment of your true nature
  • Guided morning Yoga practice and meditations
  • Evening programme with social activities, rituals, games, creative moments
  • A chance to enjoy the beautiful nature of the grounds and nearby area

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self”

The Bhagavad Gita

What a day at our Summer Retreat looks like:

Arrival from 4:30pm, time to settle in, dinner, and introduction to the camp.

Tuesday – Saturday:
Morning: Light breakfast, meditation and yoga, talks/workshops
Afternoon: Lunch break, talks/workshops
Evening: Dinner break, evening activities such as social activities, ritual, games, creative moments

Sunday: Conclusions and sharing, departure after 4:30pm

Pictures from previous Summer Retreats

Testimonials from past Summer Retreats

The retreat made me get in touch, experience and feel part of the wonderful divine world we live in and sharing this time with so many beautiful souls made it even more special.
Tantra student
Organisers have done magnificent job, everything was thought through. They made magical week for us. Teachings were very insightful and profound. Together with evening programs were one of the best part, something that made impact on me beyond the retreat!
Tantra student, London
What I had discovered in this 10-day retreat was everything my heart had deeply desired for many years beforehand. This retreat was a very special experience for me as I felt I could truly be who I was, who I truly am – a version of myself who’d been hiding just beneath the surface only occasionally coming out.
Tantra and Yoga student
Loved it. Every moment. It broke down my walls and allowed me to grow in to the space created. It has changed my outlook on life and I am truly grateful for being part of this!
Tantra practitioner
It was a wonderful retreat. I was deeply touched by its beauty – the care, generosity, openness, optimism, love, joy, wisdom …. shared by the teachers, team and participants. The week was truly Heaven on Earth. Thank you very much!
Tantra practitioner
What a heart-opening, mind-balancing, loving and awakening retreat it was. Beautiful people in beautiful place with same intentions to become free, open and loving beings. Thank you everyone for extraordinary experiences!
Beautiful retreat place and not too far from London. Best food ever, I could stay there forever! I’m blissfully happy! It was amazing. Thanks so much for everything.
Tantra student

Meet the teachers

The Venue

The event will take place at the beautiful Cannington Grange in Somerset. Available for our use is a hot tub, gym, pool, as well as the beautiful garden and countryside walks. Click here to see the venue in detail!

Accommodation and catering

  • Indoor:
    – We aim to keep our retreat as cost friendly as possible, so accommodation is based on sharing rooms.
    – 2-5 people in each room.
    – Plenty of shared bathrooms.
    – You can request room mates if you wish and we will do our best to accommodate.
    – Please note that some beds may be on comfortable mattresses on the floor.
  • Camping:
    – Camping is available in the garden, with indoor shower and toilet facilities.
    – Bring your own tent and camping equipment.
    – Come early to choose your spot!
  • Local Accommodation:
    – For the full experience, we encourage you to stay with others at the retreat either inside or camping at the venue, but we understand if you wish to have your own accommodation.
    Local pub – Blackmore Farm – Please contact in advance if you would like to book this for special rates. It is a 10 minute drive or 30 minute walk.
    You are also welcome to search for Airbnbs and other accommodation options available in the area.
    – Please note: You will need your own car for transport to and from the retreat venue.
  • Food:
    – Our delicious food will be totally vegan and refined sugar free, as well as being gluten free as much as possible.
    – Teas and light snacks are available throughout the day.
    – Please note we cannot cater for special diets but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

To the Retreat: Transportation options:

  • Take a train or national express coach to Bridgwater. We will collect you from the station within the allocated hours of: 
    – Arrival at the train station between 4:30pm-6:30pm. 
    – Departure from the train station between 5pm – 7pm. 
    – If you wish to travel outside of those hours, please book a taxi.
  • Driving directly to the location. Address: The Grange Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2LD.
  • Car share. We will create a telegram group for people to arrange car shares from London and en route. If you wish to be added to this group, please email with your phone number.


Deposit only

non-refundable & non-transferable, remaining balance needs to be paid by 23rd May
Spaces available. Book now!

Own accommodation

Only access to the retreat programme and meals
Spaces available. Book now!

Full Price Camping (after 14th May)

Own camping equipment necessary, meals included
Spaces available. Book now!

Full Price Indoors (after 14th May)

Accommodation and meals included
Spaces available. Book now!

*Non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit of £100 is required to secure your place and remaining balance needs to be paid by 23rd May. For more information, please see our refund policy. In case of full price being paid at once, £100 is still non-refundable and non-transferrable.

-This retreat is open to all members and non-members.

-Price includes access to the programme, meals and accommodation except if you book your own accommodation.

-Transport to the venue is not included in the price.

-Own tent/camping equipment is necessary if you choose camping option.

-We can arrange your own accommodation in nearby B&B Blackmore Farm for special rates. Please contact if you would like to book or you are welcome to look for your own Airbnb.