Spiritual Healing

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Saturday 25th March
11am – 5pm

If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if they are ready to do away with the reasons for their illness. Only then is it possible to help them.

– Hippocrates 

Problems with health are signals from deep within that there is something fundamental in our being that needs to be transformed. When health is approached from a spiritual perspective, the process of healing can become a profoundly transformative journey, which helps us to shine light in the shadows of our being and even bring us closer to our true, spiritual nature. Spiritual healing works on the basis that everything in the universe is vibration and when we are unwell, it is because we resonate with some unhealthy energies.

Spiritual healing looks beyond disease, aiming to find the root cause of any health issue. Once we discover the cause, we can use methods offered by the paths of yoga, tantra and ayurveda to bring in the positive resonances we need and to effect a fundamental transformation in our being. Thus, we do not only bring in a state of health, but we also become even more ‘whole’ than we were beforehand. From this point of view, we need not be afraid of health issues, but rather see them as an opportunity to know ourselves better and to take an important step on the spiritual path

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What you can take from this workshop 

  • Discover what spiritual healing is and how we can approach health from a spiritual perspective 
  • Understand why health issues appear and what they can teach us 
  • See how we can transform any health crisis into an opportunity for spiritual growth, as we go through the process of healing 
  • Learn some practical methods for spiritual healing that can be applied both as a preventative measure and in response to a health issue
Spiritual Healing podcast

When we are ill, we have one wish – to be whole again, to be healed. There is often a sense that we should not be ill in the first place and that as soon as the symptoms appear we need to get rid of them, by all possible means.

But what if we approached our symptoms with a degree of positivity, as signals and messages from deep within us that will help us not only to heal but also to progress along our spiritual path? 

Deciphering those messages is an essential starting point, as teachers Kate Wallwork and Nikos Frangi told student Vivienne Rush in this podcast, outlining some of the tools and techniques in Tantra and Yoga that can facilitate spiritual healing.

Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.

– Ram Dass


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