Summer Solstice

Yang Spiral Meditation at Stonehenge


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20th June – 21st June 2023

Join us for our sixteenth annual sunrise Yang Spiral Meditation on the summer solstice, in the mystical solar temple of Stonehenge.  

Greet the dawn of the longest day of the year in a unique spiral meditation. We will focus the huge energies of this important meditation to assist in the reawakening of the consciousness of humanity, and of genuine spirituality on planet Earth.

Registration is essential to receive the practical details – the meeting time and place, travel arrangements, what to bring, and the music that will be used in the meditation. Register via the REGISTER NOW button, or by emailing

Basic details: Meeting time 3am (you need to arrive at the site at 2.30am to have enough time to walk to the meeting point. There is public transport to Salisbury and from there to the Stonehenge site.

A coach will leave for Stonehenge from Tara London at 10.30pm on Tuesday 20th June, and should arrive back by 10.30am on 21st. Details for booking the coach will be included with the email you receive on registration. Price: £35 return.

Please do not leave your registration until the last minute! Register in advance of the event, even if you are not sure if you will attend.

Podcast – The magic of Stonehenge solstice meditation

Need a boost of energy? Close your eyes and imagine this. You are in astrological alignment in a physical spiral next to the ancient standing stones of Stonehenge at the exact time when this temple which was built in homage to the sun, is due to receive the first rays of the rising sun. As sunlight hits the altar stone, the music begins. You are immersed in a meditation, you feel the radiance of the sun, the ancient history of the earth beneath your feet and the expansion of your heart. At the summer solstice celebration we become like tuning forks and carry that exalted energy within us through the next weeks and months.

And if you are considering participating, you can find more information in the link below.

The spiral is a unique form of meditation where we stand holding hands. We form this in an anti clockwise direction, which focuses the energy towards the centre – yang energy. So the idea of this spiral meditaiton is to increase the yang energy which amplifies focus and awareness.

Morgan Arundel, Yoga and Tantra Teacher
Moment of summer solstice, Stonehenge. 2019