Shivaratri Meditation

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Friday 2nd August

Join us in meditation on the night of Shiva, a celebration in adoration of Shiva, the night before the New Moon, and the most auspicious moment in the month for meditation.

Shivaratri is celebrated 12 times a year, just before the rising of the new moon. It is called the Night of consciousness, and it is the night in which we celebrate the Light of awareness that shines within.

In a world of energy, movement, development, entropy, a world of Shakti, there is an underlying matrix of information, structure and meaning.

Shiva is the aspect consciousness present both at the individual, manifested level and at the cosmic level, the one who will guide us back to the essence of our being and to the real source of it all.

We will explore this concept as preparation for the Shivaratri Meditation, which takes place in the most auspicious moment of the month, the New Moon, when connecting with the deepest and most transcendental aspects of ourselves becomes easier.

We invite you to join us in this inner celebration of the Light of Consciousness, so that we may spread this light outside.

Please ensure to arrive on time as there will be no admittance after 9:15pm