Secrets of Tantric Orgasm

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Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th June

Physical intimacy and eroticism is not only a fascinating area of life but one that is important for our wellbeing and happiness as human beings – and a precious tool on the path of spiritual awakening.

This workshop serves as part of an education into an area of life where most of us received precious little instruction, often to the detriment of our complete fulfilment and the discovery of our full potential. Discover how to awaken your orgasmic potential and learn about more than 70 types of orgasm.

Realise the importance of the state of orgasm for health, wellbeing, happiness and spiritual transformation.

Join us for this celebration of the heart and soul, an ecstatic journey into the mysteries of Tantra with Tantra teacher Maria Porsfelt.

Come and get a taste of what is possible!

You can attend just one day. Please note you will need a partner for the second day. 

What you can expect

Day 1 –  The Tantric Orgasm 

•   Learn how overwhelming states of pleasure and prolonged orgasms are a gateway to expanded states of consciousness

•   Awaken your orgasmic potential and discover more than 70 types of orgasm. 

•   Presentation of esoteric anatomy, erogenous areas, methods of stimulation and techniques for reaching different states of orgasm. 

•  Tantric techniques for awakening creative energies (techniques and meditation) 

Does not include nudity or any form of erotic interaction. 18+ only.  

Day 2 – The Full-body Energetic Orgasm for couples*

•  Learn how to induce ecstatic states of orgasm in your beloved through bio-energy, without touch, being united in the heart and ascending together in an ecstatic expansion of the consciousness. 

•  Exercises of heart connection, visualisation, tantric transfiguration and amplifying bio-energy 

•  Presentation of the Energetic, Full-body Tantric Orgasm and the method to reach it 

•  Practice and experience Includes nudity, but no intimate touch. 18+ only. 

* Friends with a strong heart connection can also participate together.


You are free to book just one day or both days. Day 1 is also for singles but for Day 2 you need to come in a couple (both people in the couple need to pay).

  • Members: £90 per person per day or £130 for the whole weekend
  • Non-members: £110 per person per day or £160 for the whole weekend

*Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

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