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Saturday 17th June

Sanka praksalana is an ancient Yogic detoxification technique that, unlike colonic irrigation, enemas or other modern procedures, works on the entire digestive system.

This is a powerful, simple purification technique that can be easily performed in your own home. All you need is salt water, the prescribed set of movements, and a toilet. The technique can take from 1-3 hours to perform, depending on individual structures, but after-care is also important. Rest and a careful, specific re-introduction of foods is prescribed.

Sanka removes all toxic substances from the digestive tract, thus also eliminating bad breath and other bodily odours. It has beneficial effects on the liver and pancreas, and improves overall digestion.

You may also notice a great improvement in quality of sleep and a natural balancing of body weight. It reduces headaches and helps fight numerous other health complaints caused by issues in the gut. It is also a rejuvenating beauty treatment, recommended by Yogic sages for its improvement in the clarity of the complexion, brightness of eyes, and overall radiance.

It is recommended to be performed at least twice a year to refresh and reset the vitally-important digestive system.

Join experienced Yoga teacher Alina for an online workshop where you can perform the technique at home, with Alina guiding the steps online, providing support or if you have questions on the day. A rare opportunity to be fully supported in performing this hugely healing, ancient procedure.

***This online workshop is for MEMBERS ONLY***

Also included is a preparatory talk available from Friday morning to tell you about the stages, and remind you what you will need to have ready. The link will be sent to you via email. Please check your junk box.