Sacred Oriental Dance

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£20/session, £35/month
Multiple dates, see info

Short course for women with Raluca Duda

Consisting of: Belly dance, Hagala, Dancing with a veil, Temple Dance, and other surprises.

Sundays 3:30 – 5pm, see dates below

Two meetings per month

People routinely take time for meditation, prayer and deep reflection. Sacred oriental dance is another outlet to express feelings and emotions that cannot otherwise be expressed through everyday language.

Understanding the rhythm in Sacred oriental dance requires the mind and body to be in sync, becoming a meditative action, helping to expand your consciousness and femininity in a universal dance. 

Sacred oriental dance is a fun and highly expressive dance form. The Sacred Oriental Dance Group is a wonderful way to meet new spiritual sisters who have the same interests, and with whom you can experience your dance journey. By deeply enjoying this dance and its rhythms, we can easily become more introspective, and experience a deeper connection with a higher universal power. We can truly be ourselves and connect deeper with the hearts of others.

We will work with different Sacred Ideals or Godly Attributes, and desired feminine qualities of Beauty, Love, Freedom, and how to manifest these in dance. We will learn about these attributes both in theory and in practice, and how to discover them within our being. By entering in communion and assimilating these godly ideals, your dance movement will become much more expressive, with many nuances, helping your femininity to ascend to new spiritual levels.

All the dance movements and the choreography will be carefully chosen to express the three feminine qualities of Beauty, Love and Freedom. By the end of the course you will feel your feminine soul and your entire being very much enriched and awakened

Learn how to refine your energy. Connect deeply to your beauty. Become filled with love and freedom. 

Benefits of Sacred Oriental Dance:

  • Good for any body type
  • Very effective in building confidence
  • Helps in correcting posture
  • Releases happiness hormones, helping in enjoying the present moment
  • Promotes inner balance and strength
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves coordination

The following dates are:
January: 8th & 15th
February: 19th & 26th
March: 19th & 26th
April: 23rd & 30th
May: 14th & 21st
June: 11th & 25th
July: 2nd & 23rd

During this course will receive all the help you need without rushing the learning process, so that the assimilation of movements and the qualities of a dancer will appear naturally. No previous dancing skills or knowledge of Oriental dance is necessary.

United in the heart, united in the same ideals and aspirations,

all women are welcome to join.


  • £20 per session  
  • £35 per month*  

*If you purchase month access, this has to be attended as 2 sessions in one calendar month.


Thank you Ralu for this amazing experience!! I have really enjoyed your teaching approach – you really embody oriental dance & it is truly inspiring! I have loved the classes that we have all shared together & am really looking forward to doing more and more, I feel so happy & energised after every class! Even though I was apprehensive before the show, I enjoyed it so much & looking forward to being part of more ✨ Love to all of you beautiful ladies! ❤️ 
Hi Ralu, thank you for such a fun and wonderful experience! Your love for life is inspiring and infectious ❤️ You are a fantastic teacher – I started belly dancing with no clue at all and now, feel much more confident 🤩 It’s been lovely spending time with all you beautiful ladies 🥰 

Meet the teacher

Raluca Duda

For the past 20+ years Raluca has been practicing and living the life of a tantric, full of love, sensuality and eroticism. 
From a young age she was a professional figure skater, eventually becoming national champion and then a figure skating coach with a psychology degree. While also being an important part of the Sophrozin Theater Group and Celestial Belly Dance Group from Bucharest Romania, dancing professionally at events all around Europe. Becoming one with her body has allowed her to be free in herself, discovering her sublime, powerful femininity through dance. She is very passionate about helping women to reach their full potential through cosmic dance. Her classes are exciting, full of energy and she creates a supportive and loving sacred space. Her aspiration is to be continuously anchored in the present moment and to make her life a sacred dance full of love.