The Role of Women in Persian Culture

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Sunday 11th June
7 – 8:30pm

Within the Tantric tradition, women are considered to be the force of inspiration and transformation, the energy that elevates and liberates the spirit. Within this talk we will be looking at the role of femininity more specifically within the Persian culture, to discover the unique and powerful ways femininity can come to life and influence an entire nation. 

Contrary to common belief, Persian women have traditionally lived extremely liberal lives, actively participated in all areas of society, been the force behind the most powerful kings, and were viewed as a valuable asset to Persian society. 

Persian Culture, as we know it, has developed through a tapestry of Zoroastrianism, Sufism and modern-day Islamic influences.  

The discussion regarding Persian women would not be complete without honouring the words of Persian Sufi poets such as Hafiz and Rumi:  

Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created.

– Rumi

Through their timeless writing, we discover a true depiction of the role women have played in spirituality, referring to one of the most repetitive themes in Persian poetry: wine of ecstasy, the wine bearer Saghi, and being in a state of ecstatic intoxication of love for divinity. 

Other arts mostly associated with women in this region, such as dancing, carpet weaving, culinary heritage and storytelling will also be described to demonstrate the significant impact on the culture through the synergy created between spirituality and creativity. 

“God is never seen immaterially; and the vision of Him in (a) woman is the most perfect of all.” Rumi 

This talk will offer a true perspective on the nature of the feminine role in the Persian culture, aiming to bring us closer to the mystery of Persian femininity. It will aim to overcome many of the stereotypes that cast a shadow on the role of women in this vast region, and leave an enriching insight into the complex nuances offered by the women of Persia. 

Meet the teacher

Mojdeh Moasser

From a young age Mojdeh has been interested in finding the golden thread between a worldly life and spirituality, and the balance between the two has become more and more of a reality through a disciplined practice of Yoga and Tantra. Mojdeh has been a Tantra teacher for women for six years, while organising workshops, personal transformation programs, retreats and festivals both in Denmark and UK.