Red Tent – Rebalance your menstruation

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£25 members, £30 non-members
Saturday 22nd June
2 – 5pm

Menstruation (the monthly period) remains one of the mysteries of womanhood, for men as well as women. Within the Tantric tradition, many secrets are shared for practical ways of harmonising the effects of this monthly cycle, for women to even thrive and flourish throughout the cycle. This workshop will take a broad look at what the menstrual cycle is exactly, and will look at yoga postures, purification methods, dietary

suggestions and creative visualisation practices that can help to significantly alleviate the challenging effects of the menstrual cycle. The workshop will conclude with a short ritual in which some of the notions described will be put into practice. 

Open to members and non-members.


  • Members: £25
  • Non-members: £30

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Meet the teacher

Mojdeh Moasser

From a young age Mojdeh has been interested in finding the golden thread between a worldly life and spirituality, and the balance between the two has become more and more of a reality through a disciplined practice of Yoga and Tantra. Mojdeh has been a Tantra teacher for women for six years, while organising workshops, personal transformation programs, retreats and festivals both in Denmark and UK.