OXFORD Astrology workshop: Fulfilling your Life Purpose – An Astrological Perspective

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Saturday, 4th December

Who am I? What is my true nature? What is the meaning of existence, the purpose of my life?

Whenever we have times in life when the surface is stripped away, often in a crisis, we begin to ask such existential questions. Our purpose in life is a mission of Being, not just of doing. Living our purpose implies knowing ourselves and understanding who we are, so that we can consciously Be and express ourselves fully. The true value of Astrology lies in better understanding ourselves and our place in the Cosmos.

In this workshop, you will be taken on an enchanting journey of self-discovery that only Astrology can provide. Using simple and practical astrological tools, answers to these important questions – hidden in your birth chart, will be unveiled. Explore how you can align your personality and life with your soul. Find the energy your soul wants you to step into in this lifetime, in order to grow. Learn to work with your soul, rather than struggling against it, which will make your life more meaningful, rich and joyful.

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