Polarity Retreat 2023

Early bird £600 (until 11 February)
6th-12th April
Bridgwater, Somerset

An Erotic Journey of the Soul 

In its thirst for fulfilment and happiness, our soul enriches itself with innumerable experiences, feelings and spiritual treasures

On the journey of transformation and freedom, pure eros and love empower and guide the soul home to its primordial state of unity.  

Through the eternal dynamics of yang and yin, of the Sun and the Moon, the masculine and the feminine, we can discover the pure and intimate manifestations of our soul.

During this retreat we will explore the awakening of the fundamental soul archetypes in the game of polarity, and the specific way each archetype manifests both in love and in erotic expression. 

Lectures, workshops, playful games, creative and sensual interactions will be the background of this elevated experience, that will unfold in a week-long magical atmosphere of connection and intimacy. 

Application process

The magical journey of the Polarity Retreat is a beautiful and also transforming adventure. Participants may inevitably reach certain limits, which they will have the opportunity to face in a safe and loving environment. We wish to create a safe space where all participants have the chance to meet their limits courageously, and open towards transformation and a genuine leap of consciousness. We therefore evaluate the readiness of all participants who want wish to join this retreat, to find out if this retreat is really suitable for them, and we ask everyone who wishes to sign up to fill out in an application form. We may also invite you to have a conversation with us before concluding your application.


Early bird


Until 11th February

Full price


Deposit: £100 (non-refundable & non-transferable)

Watch the Polarity Retreat aftermovie 2022

Pictures from the Polarity Retreat 2022

Meet the teachers

Testimonials from past Polarity Retreats

I attended Polarity retreat so far five times, and they have been watershed moments for me. The first time I participated was the first time I really “got” the idea of Polarity. In that retreat I became aware for the first time of the game between the masculine and the feminine. And this has impacted all areas of my life, from relationships to eroticism, to work and spiritual practice.
Tantra student, London
What I discovered in this retreat was everything my heart that I had deeply desired for many years beforehand. This retreat was a very special experience for me as I felt I could truly be who I was, who I truly am – a version of myself who’d been hiding just beneath the surface only occasionally coming out. After integrating the notions taught in the Polarity retreat into my life, I discovered a deeper happiness and freedom … Read more
Tantra and Yoga student
What a great playground to experience the contrast of feminine and masculine energy exchange! It gives you a flavour of how we can play the game of life, not afraid to be a child again, not afraid to love, not afraid to care and to experience a whole new range of emotions that enhance the quality of our life and the quality of our human relationships! 
It was one of the few events that I think transformed me deeply and I was never the same after it!
Tantra student, London
The retreat was extraordinary, but not for everyone as it required curiosity and openness to appreciate life from a whole new perspective. Being under the same roof with other women, learning and being inspired together, listening and watching them being moved and crying was beautiful and deeply nourishing. Then the time where we consciously (and with lots of curiosity) interacted with men at the retreat became the cherry on top.
Read more
Tantra student, London
Tara’s Polarity Retreat is one of a kind. This is not your normal yoga retreat.  
You enter a kind of fascinating tantra bubble that is both mysterious and enlightening.  
And one that is hard to leave come the end. 
Tantra student, London
I attended the Polarity Retreat in 2022. The venue was a gorgeous mansion in the serene English countryside. Men and women stayed in different parts of the building, creating a sense of mystery between us. The men spent time practising in the morning, to amplify our masculinity and solarity. I think it was on day 3 when we were first surprised by a visit from the women, and it was such a sublime experience, that I can still remember …
Read more
Tantra student, London

The Venue

The event will take place at the beautiful Cannington Grange in Somerset. Available for our use is a hot tub, gym, pool, as well as the beautiful garden and countryside walks.

Click here to see the venue in detail!

Accommodation and catering

  • Indoor:
    – We aim to keep our retreat as cost friendly as possible, so accommodation is based on sharing rooms.
    – 2-5 people in each room.
    – Plenty of shared bathrooms.
    – You can request room mates if you wish and we will do our best to accommodate.
    – Please note that some beds may be on comfortable mattresses on the floor.
  • Food:
    – Our delicious food will be totally vegan and refined sugar free, as well as being gluten free as much as possible.
    – Teas and light snacks are available throughout the day.
    – Please note we cannot cater for special diets but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

To the Retreat: Transportation options:

  • Take a train or national express coach to Bridgwater.
  • Driving directly to the location. Address: The Grange Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2LD.
  • Car share. We will create a telegram group for people to arrange car shares from London and en route. If you wish to be added to this group, please email events@tarayogacentre.co.uk with your phone number.

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The Universal Principle of Polarity

The Principle of Polarity states that all manifested things have ‘two sides’; ‘two aspects’; ‘two poles; and, ‘everything has its opposite’ with manifold degrees between the two extremes.” – The Kybalion, a text of hermetic wisdom

The study of alchemy and the seven Hermetic Principles of the Universe demonstrates the importance of understanding the Principle of Polarity and how it reflects in the Greater Whole. Polarity is a principle that governs everything in creation, and is  expressed in many other philosophies and traditions, as well as in science. READ MORE