Polarity Retreat 2022

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Early bird £550 (until 14th February)
4th-10th April 2022

Join us for a retreat like no other, in which you will be totally immersed in the paradisiacal world of Sacred Eros. Get ready to shed taboos and limited perspectives, to discover a new YOU, free of all limitations. In this retreat, we will take a journey into sublime eroticism, aiming to uncover and assimilate a new perspective on sexuality, in a totally immersive experience.

Retreat activities will include daily yoga and meditation sessions, talks, open discussions and above all, plenty of playful experiences. Some activities will be separate for men and women, to explore and understand the game of polarity between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine, and to charge the moments that are shared together. Whether together or apart, the aim will always be to create a supportive, beautiful and uplifting environment, in which we can truly experience Heaven on Earth.

Bookings only via email to events@tarayogacentre.co.uk

This retreat comes with a warning: it may change your life! The journey we will take is profoundly transforming and may help you to find answers in unexpected areas of life. Most of all, we hope that you will take this experience of Sublime Eros home, filling your life with fulfilment, beauty and ecstasy.

The retreat may include nudity and explicit sexual content (shown in art, films etc). But if you come expecting an orgy, you will be disappointed! Participants will never be pressurised into any form of sexual interaction; in most of our activities participants are clothed, and nudity is always optional.

Price includes accommodation and 3 meals per day. Travel expenses are not included. More detailed information coming soon.

Location: The Grange Cannington Bridgwater, Somerset 

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Pictures from previous Polarity Retreats
2012 – 2020

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Testimonials from past Polarity Retreats

I attended Polarity retreat so far 5 times and it was a watershed moment for me. The first time I participated was the first time I really “got” the idea of Polarity. In that retreat I became aware for the first time of the game between the masculine and the feminine. And this has impacted all areas of my life from relationships to eroticicsm to work and spiritual practice.
Kieran Dee
Tantra student, London
What I had discovered in this 10-day retreat was everything my heart had deeply desired for many years beforehand. This retreat was a very special experience for me as I felt I could truly be who I was, who I truly am – a version of myself who’d been hiding just beneath the surface only occasionally coming out. After integrating the notions taught in the Polarity retreat into my life, I discovered a deeper happiness and freedom in all areas of life. I have a lot to thank the teachers and the entire team for from these retreats. And I look forward to next!
Tantra and Yoga student

Early Bird (until 14th February)

£100 non-refundable deposit
Includes accommodation and meals
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£100 non-refundable deposit
Includes accommodation and meals
Book now via email

Non-refundable deposit of £100 required to secure your place and remaining balance needs to be paid by 28th February. For more information, please see our refund policy. This retreat is open to members, and non-members on request.

Bookings only via email to events@tarayogacentre.co.uk