Polar Hormones

Happiness for him & her

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Sunday 19th March
7 – 8.30pm

The importance of hormones is by now well documented. More and more evidence and information are available to help us find happiness through these mysterious but powerful phenomena. 

Often the conversation around hormones focuses exclusively on female hormonal balance. If male hormones are mentioned it’s usually relegated to a few cursory remarks about testosterone. But hormonal balance is just as important in men as it is in women. And for a happy, harmonious relationship between a man and a woman, hormone balance becomes even more important… and complicated. 

In this talk, we will cut through the complication and provide some practical tips so both men and women can feel hormonally balanced and happy together. Men’s hormones are very different from women’s and vice versa. Understanding how our own hormones work as well as how the hormones in the opposite gender work will allow us to support each other and work together rather than against each other… leading to happier individuals, happier couples, and an all-round better world for everyone.

Meet the teacher

Kieran Martin

Kieran has been studying Tantra at Tara since 2010. Initially drawn to Tantra by an interest in eroticism, it was the game of polarity that turned his curiosity into a passion. For Kieran the interaction of the masculine and feminine is the juice of life. And playing that game, we discover and enjoy much transformation and inner growth along the way. His approach is practical and down to earth. 

Contact: kieran@tarayogacentre.co.uk