Pilgrimage to Canterbury

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Saturday 30th April

As part of building our community in Tara, and to experience the beautiful English countryside and its numerous sacred sites in a spiritual way, we are excited to be launching the Tara Pilgrimage Community Group.

What is a Pilgrimage?
Pilgrimage in England has taken place since hunter-gatherers followed well-worn tracks, which then became ritualised journeys in Celtic and medieval history and in early modern Christianity.

Usually done on foot, a pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place that touches the hearts and souls of the pilgrims, drawing them closer to God.

The purpose of a pilgrimage is spiritual growth, and can often start with an intention, or questions such as: Who am I? What is my purpose in this life? What do I need to hear now? What do I need to draw me closer to my true spirit? What do I need to heal? By asking these questions the pilgrimage becomes both an inner and an outer journey. The spiritual practice of pilgrimage can also begin without an intention or initial awareness, and it is only on later reflection that the pilgrim realises that their life has been spiritually enriched by the journey.
On the pilgrimage it is important to cultivate an attitude of self-reflection and openness, and attention to what comes to you. Without this awareness, the pilgrimage can become just a walk in the countryside, and lack a deeper purpose.

You are invited to join us on 30th April 2022 and follow in the footsteps of this thousand year old tradition of English pilgrimage, uncovering the secrets of the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury. We will share this moment of spiritual awareness by walking 4.5 miles along the Pilgrims Way, finishing at Canterbury Cathedral.

If you would like more information, and to join this Pilgrimage please join the Telegram Group by clicking the link below.

We are very much looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

This is a free event open for our members only. Although the event itself is free, participants may incur costs for travel, food etc.

If you wish to join the pilgrimage please email: andrewtr@tarayogacentre.co.uk