The Phases of the Moon

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Sunday 23rd October

Spiritual efficiency through aligning with the natural flow of life

The Moon is such a beautiful mystery, captivating our attention through her magical presence and sheer magnitude. Within the dance of the Sun and the Moon, the Sun represents the masculine principle and the consciousness, and the Moon symbolises the feminine principle – the Mother of Creation, the subconscious. The many faces of the Moon are a metaphor for every cycle, connecting us with birth, death and reincarnation. She embodies the rhythm of time.

The strong feminine power of the Moon impacts everything, from the waves of the ocean to our energetic field and our emotions. 60% of our bodies are made up of water, so we can feel the pulls and movement of the influence of the Moon in our everyday life. In the lunar cycle itself, each phase has a different shape and energetic characteristic.  

Each stage of the cycle mirrors different needs within us, different potentialities to be nourished, and each has its own spiritual meaning, The Moon invites us to become aware of the natural fluctuations of the cycle, and by attuning to our own cyclical nature we can tap into the rich wisdom of each phase consciously.  

Let’s discover the Lunation cycle together, and harness its power by using the energetic shifts of the Moon as a map to plan our days, weeks and months, and thus facilitate our spiritual growth in our daily life. 

Meet your teacher

Alina Chereches

Alina began the study and practice of Integral Yoga at the age of fifteen, moved by a deep thirst to understand the nature of everything. Gradually, she found her home in meditation. She immersed herself into many spiritual traditions, fell in love with the Tantric philosophy and practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta and Esoteric Astrology. She weaves these together with Transpersonal Psychotherapy into one integral path. As a teacher of Tantra and Astrology, Alina loves sharing her vision that life is our deepest meditation, in a playful and approachable manner.