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Friday 31 March

“The greatest pleasure of a Tantric is to make his/her lover ecstatically happy.” 

This series is dedicated to exploring a paradigm shift in love and intimacy.  

Part 1 Becoming a Tantric Lover – 28th October 2022 6.30-9.30pm 
Part 2 Heaven in the Bedroom  – 9th December 2022 6.30-9.30pm 
Part 3 The Gift of Pleasure  – 31st March 2023 6.30-9.30pm 

Take a journey towards more pleasure, fulfilment, self-awareness and happiness in this series of evening workshops. In separate sessions for men and women, discover your own orgasmic potential and your capacity to make your bedroom a paradise.   

For the best experience we recommend attending all three workshops, but there is no requirement to attend the previous sessions in order to continue to the later ones. 


This is a 3 part series. You are free to book just one part, two parts or all 3.

  • Members: £35 per workshop or £85 for the entire series 
  • Non-members: £40 per workshop or £100 for the entire series 

Part 1
28th October 2022
Becoming a Tantric Lover

Your journey to Tantric eroticism begins with a profound shift in the inner orientation and attitude towards pleasure, fulfilment and intimacy. While the destination is the same for both men and women, the path takes us through different landscapes. Through talks, practical exercises and open discussions, separate for men and women, we will unlock the first secrets to extended pleasure and ecstatic fulfilment. 

The women’s session: 

  • Connect with your sensuality and discover how this helps in awakening as a woman 
  • Gain keys to tap into your natural capability to be ecstatic and orgasmic 
  • Understand what stops you from reaching your full erotic potential 

The men’s session: 

  • Understand the difference between ejaculation and orgasm 
  • Learn how you can master the sexual energy 
  • Discover the attitude needed in Tantric lovemaking 

Part 2
9th December 2022
Heaven in the Bedroom

Elevated pleasure requires an elevated perspective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have the power to create heaven on earth! Look through the eyes of a Tantric lover to discover the secret of blissful eroticism, also aiming to better understand anatomy to awaken the orgasmic power.

Held in separate rooms for men and women, with different approaches to the topics covered: 

  • Learn how to cultivate beauty and sublime eroticism in your erotic experiences 
  • Discover the Tantric key of transfiguration and how it helps to elevate lovemaking and intimacy 
  • Learn about the Tantric practice of inner alchemy, and raising your energies to more sublime levels 

Part 3
31st March 2023
The Gift of Pleasure 

“The greatest pleasure of a Tantric is to make his/her lover ecstatically happy.” 
This time we will aim to understand the experience of the other, and by so doing becoming the best lover possible, reaching the heights of erotic happiness together. In the game of the Tantric principle of polarity, we can trigger sublime erotic experiences. 

In the first part of the workshop, men and women will meet separately to gain insights into how our needs and experiences differ, before swapping teachers for an open Q&A. In the last part of this workshop, the men and women will come together to explore the orgasmic potential combined, through non-sexual contact and experiences.  


Meet the teachers


A Tantric orgasm is like a delicious bath in a golden dream, part liquid, part ethereal, pixelated, a rush into an ecstatic realm. The lightest ascent into heaven, beyond the scope of human reality as you have experienced it. It is the antithesis and absence of thought, of scrunching, tensing, crushing anguish, of darkness and of the shame that cages the human soul. Read more
Tantra Year 5 student
Orgasms have become for me so much more than just a pleasurable experience. Orgasms have become for me a way in which I begin to discover a depth of myself. They have become one of the most powerful instruments to understand my lover’s inner universe, and even more, a way to know God. Through experiencing orgasms in different areas of the body, with a heightened awareness, on a background of elevated joy …Read more
Thank you for such a beautiful, sublime and amazing Orgasmic Journey yesterday. Even though I had attended one before I learnt a lot from the teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm coupled with her beautiful Shakti attitude made it a very special evening. Deep Gratitude! ❤️🙏