Open Day Oxford 

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Saturday 30th September

Unique Experiences. Traditional Wisdom. Practical Methods.

You can also get a taste of Tara in our other locations by joining our Open Days in London on 23rd September and in Cambridge on 30th September.

Life can be a unique experience. But often people feel that they have ‘been there’ and ‘seen that’ and there is nothing more to explore in the world. We can learn to escape this mundane ‘flattening’ sensation through the inspiration of the ancient wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. These can be brought to life by crafted methods that can be incorporated into daily life, triggering a genuine process of transformation. 

Join us at Tara for a free Open Day to learn more about the classes and teachings. This Open Day gives you the chance to get a feel for what we teach, as well as to meet our teachers, team and students. You can also take advantage of our great special offers, only available on the day!

Come along for the whole day, or just pop in for a tea and check out our beautiful Yoga Centre. Find out how the paths of Yoga and Tantra can teach us to be happy, loving and fulfilled, to enjoy life to the maximum from a state of balance and peace. 


2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT 

The Programme

10:30am – 12:30pm Talk & Practice: Esoteric Hatha Yoga 
Yoga is a wealth of knowledge and techniques that can become a way of living – bringing harmony and peace on every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Get a taste of the ancient form of yoga that we teach at Tara, where we learn to improve our life, from the inside out. 

12:30pm – 13:30pm Lunch break 

13:30pm – 14:30pm Talk: The University of Life – Tara’s unique approach to yoga, tantra and spirituality 
Life is a play, a game, a puzzle, and sometimes a struggle. Yoga and Tantra teach us universally valid principles and laws which allow us to navigate life consciously. At Tara we provide the methods and tools which can be easily applied in everyday life. In this talk we will outline what makes Tara’s courses different, and how they can impact your life. 

14:45pm– 16:00pm: Workshop – Finding your centre with love as your guide 
Often, we are swept along in life by the outer circumstances.  

Tantra can show us how to connect deeply to ourselves, to find a place of centredness, balance and harmony, where regardless of these outer circumstances, we can live life freely and in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.  

This place of centredness is guided by the energy of love, which brings meaning to our existence and to all we do. We cannot force the energy of love, but we can learn to open to it fully, then love allows that which seemed impossible to suddenly become possible. 

16:15pm – 17:15pm Talk: The Healing Power of Yoga 
From a spiritual perspective, most disease can be seen as psycho-somatic – arising from karma, mental patterns or unresolved emotions. When we understand this, we can start to realise the true healing power of yoga, to know and accept ourselves as we are and then to rebuild and grow towards a superior image, through balancing, harmonising and purifying our entire being on all its levels. In this way we can become aware of the lessons life is teaching us, and discover the tools to systematically work through them, using the tantra yoga system. 

17:20pm – 18:00pm Questions /Conclusions and Tea 
A chance to ask any questions about the courses and events at Tara. 

Some photos from our previous Open days