Open Day London  

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Saturday 23rd September
10am – 7:30pm

Unique Experiences. Traditional Wisdom. Practical Methods.

You can also get a taste of Tara in our other locations by joining our Open Days in Oxford and Cambridge on 30th September.

Life is a unique experience. But often people feel that they have ‘been there’ and ‘seen that’ and there is nothing more to explore in the world. We can learn to escape this mundane ‘flattening’ sensation through the inspiration of the ancient wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. These can be brought to life by crafted methods that can be incorporated into daily life, triggering a genuine process of transformation

Join us at Tara for a free Open Day to learn more about the classes and teachings. This Open Day gives you the chance to get a feel for what we teach, as well as to meet our teachers, team and students.

You can also take advantage of our great special offers, only available on the day!

Come along for the whole day, or just pop in for a tea and check out our beautiful Yoga Centre.

Find out how the paths of Yoga and Tantra can teach us to be happy, loving and fulfilled, to enjoy life to the maximum from a state of balance and peace. 

Outline of the programme

9 Activities spread over 3 studios

10:30 – 11:15am What makes experiences unique? Learning the art of self-awareness and meditation  

It’s not what you do but rather how you do it that makes an experience unique and special. The art of insightful contemplation and depth of meditation are the foundations of the essential knowledge for a happy and fulfilled life. Explore the value of meditation in this short talk and practice   

10:30am – 12:00pm Couples Yoga – Intro talk & practice   

Based on the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga, yoga for couples is an amazing spiritual method. Practising yoga in a couple or pair greatly amplifies the effects of the yoga practice. It is a wonderful way to deepen non-verbal connection and communication, to release tensions, and even to achieve a huge boost of energy.  
You will need a partner for this workshop. 

1:30 – 2:30pm Lunch  

2:30 – 4pm Unification of Consciousness in the Heart  

The first step on the road to fully fuse with the Supreme Absolute is the unification of the consciousness in the heart. This results in the aspirant being born again into a life full of godly light.  Whenever we feel that there is something missing in life, whenever we cannot find lasting happiness, there is a call from our heart to find our true nature.  Among other things, Kashmir Shaivism offers an answer to this call of the heart. It offers a path of direct recognition of God in all aspects of life.   Discover how Kashmir Shaivism is a complete path of initiation that provides everything needed to reach spiritual realisation. It offers fundamental keys for awakening the soul, for the journey from the soul to the Self, until the complete fusion in the Heart with the Supreme Absolute. 

4 – 4:30pm break  

4:30 – 6pm Self-Discovery Through Astrology 

Unlock the secrets of your inner cosmos in this enchanting workshop. Embark on a journey of self-exploration as we delve into the fascinating world of birth charts, planetary influences and cosmic energetic blueprints. In this immersive session, get a glimpse into the core components of Astrology and how its wisdom has the power to reveal the depths of your personality and the journey of life.  

Through fun, playful, interactive activities and insightful discussions, learn how Astrology can act as a transformative mirror, reflecting your strengths, challenges, and untapped potentials, ultimately guiding you on a path of self-awareness, acceptance, love and personal growth. 

10:30am – 12:00pm  Hatha Yoga – Intro talk & practice  

Yoga is a wealth of knowledge and techniques that can become a way of living – bringing harmony and peace to every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Experience a taste of the ancient form of yoga that we teach at Tara, where you can learn to improve your life from the inside out. 

12:15 – 1:30pm  Tara Foundations – Discover the pillars that support our teachings  

Tara provides a clear path of spiritual growth and transformation. This path is based on seven fundamental pillars that form the foundation and framework of human growth. These pillars range from the role of Eros and controlling the erotic energy, to the interplay between quantum physics and spirituality. Explore the pillars of the spiritual path in this talk, including a description of keys for beginning your journey at Tara. 

1:30 – 2:30pm Lunch  

2:30 – 4:00pm The Tantric Path of Love  

Tantra is the path of the heart to the core of life. On this path, love is not considered to be a luxury. Love is a fundamental condition for the growth of the individual and, furthermore, love is a unique science into which one can learn and grow. Love, and the deep longing of the heart, is both the compass, guiding our journey in the right direction, and the engine, driving us towards happiness and fulfilment. 

4 – 4:30pm break  

4:30 – 6pm The Polar Game of Energies between Men and Women  

The potential created through a harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine energies coming together holds no bounds. In Tantra, the entire creation is said to have come into existence through the cosmic play between consciousness and energy, Shiva and Shakti, yang and yin. United in erotic rapture, Shiva and Shakti, give birth to all that exists in a continuous process of creation and transformation. This workshop will begin with men and women separately, to allow an intimate sharing of the unique gifts each have to offer according to their specific polarities. This will be followed by an uplifting and sublime uniting of the energies through an interactive game of mutual admiration.  

6 – 6:15pm Break  

6:15 – 7:15pm Playful ways towards profound connections 

One of the most valuable lessons of recent times has been the importance of creating genuine friendships and soulful connections. Our last activity of this open day is dedicated to a meaningful time together, beginning with deepening the connection with your own heart, and expanding from there to create enriching connections with each other. 


Snacks and drinks will be available during the day including vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free cakes. A delicious vegan and gluten-free lunch will be available for a purchase.

Here are some photos from our previous Open days