Open Day Cambridge ~ Quiet Minds, Joyful Hearts, Ecstatic Life!

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Saturday, 1st October

You can also get a taste of Tara in our other locations by joining our Open Days in London and Oxford.

We live in a busy world, where it is hard to maintain happiness and peace amidst the pressures of life. In the bustle of the city, we look forward to the promise of a calm weekend or long-awaited holiday.

According to the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Tantra, the key to lasting happiness and fulfilment lies inside us. No matter what is happening on the outside, by quietening the mind we can begin to connect to our true nature, find peace and inner balance.

From this state of balance, we can experience joy, and there is a promise of ecstasy. From this place, we can embrace all the energies of life.

Ross Street Community Centre, Ross St, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ

Join us at Tara for a free Open Day in the centre of the busy city, to learn more about our classes and teachings. Find out how the paths of Yoga and Tantra can teach us to be happy, loving and effervescent, to enjoy life to the maximum, starting from a state of balance and peace.

This Open Day gives you the chance to get a feel for what we teach, as well as to meet our teachers, team and students. You can also take advantage of our great special offers, only available on the day! Come along for the whole day, or just pop in for a tea and check out our beautiful Yoga Centre.

Outline of the programme coming soon. See you there!