Open Day Oxford ~ Discover your inner compass

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Saturday 12th February

You can also get a taste of Tara in our other locations by joining our Open Days in London and Cambridge.

Throughout the ages, people have wanted to be free, happy and fulfilled. Especially during this period, such aspirations may seem far away as we find ourselves in challenging circumstances, with the future both unpredictable and unclear.  

But the key to lasting freedom, happiness and fulfilment is always to discover it on the inside. Then, no matter the ever-changing nature of life’s ups and downs, we are steady and at peace in ourselves.

No matter the intensity of the wind, we can transform ourselves on the inside, to be able to ride the waves, accelerate our growth and enjoy life.

In the courses at Tara, we offer the tools and wisdom from ancient spiritual systems for discovering this inner freedom. Join us for an amazing day of activities connected to yoga, Tantra and spirituality to see how our courses can help you radiate happiness and fulfilment from the inside, no matter the outer circumstances. 

Outline of the programme

10.30 – 12.30 Talk & Practice: Esoteric Hatha Yoga with Cristina Predescu

Yoga is a wealth of knowledge and techniques that can become a way of living – bringing harmony and peace on every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Get a taste of the ancient form of yoga that we teach at Tara, where we learn to improve our life, from the inside out. 

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break  

13.30 – 14.30 Talk: The University of Life – Tara’s unique approach to yoga, tantra and spirituality with Morgan Arundel    

Life is a play, a game, a puzzle, and sometimes a struggle. Yoga and Tantra teach us universally valid principles and laws which allow us to navigate life consciously. At Tara we provide the methods and tools which can be easily applied in everyday life. In this talk we will outline what makes Tara’s courses different, and how they can impact your life. 

14.45– 16.00 Workshop: Finding your centre with love as your guide with Elizabeth Mason & Morgan Arundel   

Often, we are swept along in life by the outer circumstances. 

Tantra can show us how to connect deeply to ourselves, to find a place of centredness, balance and harmony, where regardless of these outer circumstances, we can live life freely and in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling. 

This place of centredness is guided by the energy of love, which brings meaning to our existence and to all we do. We cannot force the energy of love, but we can learn to open to it fully, then love allows that which seemed impossible to suddenly become possible. 

16.15 – 17.15 Talk: Discover your inner compass with Andrew Tope 

A compass always points north, and in the same way, an awakened heart will always show us the right way of living. Beyond social conventions and the endless chatter of the mind, there is a voice, a vertical force within, that simply knows what is true – the voice of the heart. In this talk, we will share insights about the heart as the inner compass and how we can make our heart the leader of our life. 

17.20 – 18.00 Questions /Conclusions and Tea: A chance to ask any questions about the courses and events at Tara. 

Here are some photos from our previous Open days