Open Day Cambridge

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Saturday 19th February
16:00 – 20:15

Discover your inner compass

You can also get a taste of Tara in our other locations by joining our Open Days in London and Oxford.

Throughout the ages, people have wanted to be free, happy and fulfilled. Especially during this period, such aspirations may seem far away as we find ourselves in challenging circumstances, with the future both unpredictable and unclear.  

But the key to lasting freedom, happiness and fulfilment is always to discover it on the inside. Then, no matter the ever-changing nature of life’s ups and downs, we are steady and at peace in ourselves.

Ross Street Community Centre, Ross St, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ

No matter the intensity of the wind, we can transform ourselves on the inside, to be able to ride the waves, accelerate our growth and enjoy life.

In the courses at Tara, we offer the tools and wisdom from ancient spiritual systems for discovering this inner freedom. Join us for an amazing day of activities connected to yoga, Tantra and spirituality to see how our courses can help you radiate happiness and fulfilment from the inside, no matter the outer circumstances. 

Outline of the programme

4 – 5pm Talk: Discover your Inner Compass [Foca Yariv]  

A compass always points north, and in the same way, an awakened heart will always show us the right way of living. Beyond social conventions and the endless chatter of the mind, there is a voice, a vertical force within, that simply knows what is true. This is the voice of the heart. Discover insights into the heart as the inner compass, and how it is possible to make the heart the leader of your life.  

5:15 – 6:15pm Tantra workshop: Love Always Wins [Kieran Dee]

The lessons of love are beautiful and surprising. In challenging moments, it can seem like a huge chasm has to be crossed to reach love, and we can become convinced that love is impossible or not deserved. Tantra teaches that love is the necessary step to becoming truly free, no matter the outer circumstances, and offers tools and methods to attain this freedom. Join us to explore the amazing power of the heart!

6:15– 6:45pm Dinner break [enjoy delicious homemade vegan food]   

6:45- 8.15pm Social evening inspired by the Kama Sutra [Sylvie Dakini, Kieran and Foca]

The Kama Sutra is definitely one of the most known of and least read books in the world! During the evening programme we will shed light on why the Kama Sutra is so valuable in the art of living a harmonious life, and the rules of fulfilment and eroticism. The evening will include games, dancing and heartful connections. No intimate contact or nudity involved.