Nutrition, Spiritual Practice and the Pranic Bridge

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Sunday 21st April
7 – 8pm

Does it matter what and how we eat? Will this affect our spiritual practice and the results we gain from it? The answer is yes.

All action or motion is supported by prana. While we take some prana from the air, most of it comes from the food we eat. And the quality of the food we eat determines the amount and quality of the prana we have available for spiritual and other practices.

The food industry and modern lifestyles work against our assimilation of prana. Join this talk to discover how to build a strong bridge between your nutrition and your spiritual practice.


Meet the teacher

Kieran Martin

Kieran has been studying Tantra at Tara since 2010. Initially drawn to Tantra by an interest in eroticism, it was the game of polarity that turned his curiosity into a passion. For Kieran the interaction of the masculine and feminine is the juice of life. And playing that game, we discover and enjoy much transformation and inner growth along the way. His approach is practical and down to earth.