Men’s Weekend: Being A Tantric Lover

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£90 (+ suggested donation)
12th – 14th July
Rosietta Lodge, Margate
3pm (Friday) – 6pm (Sunday)

We have all heard the notions on Amorous Erotic Continence (AEC) and implemented them to varying degrees in our lives – sometimes with more success than others, sometimes with a deeper integration than others. This weekend will be time away together with other men on the same path to look at our lives honestly, to see if we are just men who have been able to stop ejaculation or men who are truly living as perfectly continent man. AEC is a continuous journey, yet often we forget this element, and we temporarily stop transforming on reaching a particular goal. And after a moments break, we often forget to restart the journey. 

Through workshops, sharing and practice, this weekend we will restart the journey – or deepen it if we are still in motion. A great deal can be gained spending time with like-minded men and sharing in the depth of their knowledge and experience. AEC is a long road with numerous twists and turns and we rarely get the opportunity to really speak openly and frankly with others about this path. This weekend is such an opportunity


  • £90 covers food and accommodation. We also suggest an additional donation towards Tara (suggested donation is £120 extra).  

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