The Meaning of Life

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£120 members, £150 non-members
Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th March 2024

Join us as we dive deep into some of the most important topics that will allow you to discover purpose, hidden talents and keys to fulfilment in your life.

In a world where it seems you can be anything, the only way to do it right is to be YOU. To authentically express and share your inborn qualities, talents and aspirations with the world. Too often we try to fit into an expected mold rather than enthusiastically bringing forth what we genuinely have to offer.

We are often confined by family and social conditioning in navigating our life choices – our work, love and family lives  – and we override the voice of our heart. Then we might find ourselves stuck in a life we didn’t really choose, often feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

Going beyond the confinement of social conditioning we can begin to listen to the voice of the heart, where we can find clear direction, inspiration and an increased sense of fulfilment in our experiences of life.

This weekend is dedicated to re-adjusting, and to embracing new versions of ourselves.

Through inspiring lectures, exercises, film clips and meditations, explore the age-old question that has inspired humanity throughout the ages: “What is the meaning and purpose of life?”

In this inspiring workshop Maria and Foca will share their vast experience in guiding people on the journey of self-discovery and search for a deep sense of meaning, on the way learning the art of being integrated in life’s flow and being truly happy. 

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In this workshop we will explore: 

  • How the quality of our life depends on the questions we ask ourselves. The wise asking of ‘Why?’ (to do or live) will enable us to discover the ‘How’ (to do or live). 
  • How we can discover our aspirations and talents and bring them into fruition 
  • How we can find happiness by learning about mechanisms of the Ego and methods for awakening our soul 
  • How to follow life’s guidance

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Who’s this workshop for?

This weekend workshop is for all, no matter where you are on your spiritual path or life purpose. The questions that we will contemplate together are universal, and the answers are something that need to constantly be updated. Even if you feel you are already living your life purpose, it can become an automation and lose efficacy if the answers are not constantly refreshed and alive in your heart. 


    • Members: £120
    • Non-members: £150

    *Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

    Due to the nature of this topic being something dynamic and evolving, our answers and insights need to be refreshed and updated as we grow, we warmly invite previous participants of this workshop to join again for the discounted price of £40 for members, £50 for non-members. Email us on to book your place.

    Meet the teachers


    We have held this workshop many times since the first one in 2012, supporting hundreds of people in bringing deep meaning and purpose to their life. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

    “From the moment we started the Meaning of Life workshop I felt a powerful energy of change in me. The workshop gave me a direction and set me on a path of seeking purpose in life, especially in work. Over the next few years, I found far more meaningful corporate work and somehow was guided to a new parallel career supporting women healing from trauma. I never expected to be working with trauma – it’s been surprising, challenging and yet I know is absolutely where I was meant to be. I can’t recommend this workshop enough if you are serious about finding who you are meant to be in life.”
    Tantra Student, Year 5

    Doing this workshop in 2013 marked a turning point in my life, in which I truly discovered the seed of meaning of my life: an understanding that continues to deepen even now. The workshop opened my eyes to layers of myself that were hitherto unexplored. I can say with hindsight, after more than a decade, that everything I found out in that weekend has turned out to be true. In fact, the workshop was a catalyst for a radical life transformation, in which I made some fundamental choices that were some of the best decisions I have ever made. I am very grateful to my wonderful teachers for the impulse I received and I recommend this workshop with all my heart!
    Yoga and Tantra student, year 13
    This workshop introduced me to a new perspective on purpose, a fresh way of looking at the world wherein each of us has a unique role to play in the great tapestry. The workshop set the wheels in motion of exploring who am I, what do I have to offer and what makes me come alive. The journey continues….!
    Tantra Student, Year 5
    I was really longing for feeling that my life had meaning. I felt very hungry for offering something to the world, something bigger than myself. I was so grateful to be able to participate in this workshop in which I felt the questions deep within me were finally being addressed, and in a profound way. I was given a ‘guidebook’ of different keys to help me unlock my dharma, and feel in harmony with this orchestra of life
    Tantra student, year 6
    Maria and Foca are very experienced in this topic and they guided it so well, really taking us on a journey inwards to discover our meaning and purpose. I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend to everyone!
    Yoga student, Year 13
    The meaning of life workshop was an introspective journey; a childlike exploration of who we are, that is, full of curiosity and without judgements. It gave me more questions than answers, but I still ask myself these questions almost everyday and they guide my actions. Some of my answers have change over time but I feel they are slowly bringing coherence and revealing my purpose. I’m very grateful for that! In short, it was a workshop to discern and embrace our qualities and aspirations, which combined serve as a compass in our lives.
    Tantra student, Year 7
    The workshop helped me realize what the priorities in my life are. Since understanding them, I’ve kept them as a guide while navigating through life. It was one of the most important workshops I have ever done!
    Yoga and Tantra student, Year 9 & 10
    It was profound, beautiful and revealing!
    Tantra Year 7